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  • vcaritas vcaritas Mar 5, 2013 12:03 PM Flag

    Back to overweight in miners as of early this morning

    Appears to be reversal in silver and gold, tho I will continue to do some trading.

    For now, holding my shares of CDE, which I believe will become a monster stock at some point in the future, after all acqusitions have occurred and silver is in the stratosphere.

    Holding shares of about 10 other miners and added to one this AM.

    Peace Strategies Agape ~

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    • I hope you are right V,
      WE've bounced around here before and it has a "bottoming feel" but the down momentum has been pretty frantic and really rather consistant. The pros have been active with this take down. This is just the first positive looking day. I really want to pull the trigger for a bit more and know I wouldn't be horribly wrong at this level.
      OTOH- IF the overall market is topping and we sell off, we could see lower levels accross the board. But really who's left to sell the miners? (Famous last question ?)
      . I am looking to pick up value but wonder if we don't have another nasty washout (not that this wasn't bad enough) just to squeeze out a few more funds and retailers~
      I guess I'm just shell shocked---

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Agree that 'bottom' is not confirmed. As you know I trade 'additional shares' and my overweighting in cases of unconfirmed moves is ALWAYS tentative...sell at break-even or slight loss...or into bounce.

        We are moving into a timeframe that is traditionally weak for the metals...say, after April/May...but I'm 'planning' to catch a bounce, at the least...perhaps more.

        Dollar has pushed at slight resistance level. RFXE green. Remains to be seen.

        Market overbought, but PowersThatBe keep pushin' it higher.

        Best to you, SirJiminy, and to All !!!

        Agape ~

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