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  • king_foo_bar king_foo_bar Mar 8, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    baked bean index

    the below 19. you can buying just less than 19 cans of beans with the one share of cde. Back in 2004 you could buying 140 cans of the beans with one share of cde. the buying power of a share of cde is going down, while the salaries of the mangment is going up. Something not right with this picture.

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    • hug your silver and keep doing disco dancing

    • in 2008 cde on verge of delisting low of .38 silver well under 10.00. barts losing money. palmarejo unfinished-cde in horrible debt and diluted ,kensington in supreme court and rochestor coming to end of life- now-89 million shares, a billion in sales ,debt has been paid down ,earnings and big resources-now we add orko and mirasol-cde moving in on a billion oz's soon-18million in production 250,000gold----cde only cost me half a can of baked beans now buys 19- time to go have a good steak

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      • by the steak and go for to make the disco dancing. krebs demnstartating that he also the very talented disco dancer, he learning much from the three time world disco dance champion dennish wheeler.

      • For those who invested years n years ago, say when CDE was trading in the 7's presplit, CDE has been a horrible investment.

        I'm critical of many management decisions and have posted that throughout the years, after initially being bullish about CDE.

        EVENTUALLY, however, CDE will be a huge turnaround play. There have already been significant improvements and even Rocky_racoon, the message board financial guru, commented that Coeur was much more transparent in the last cc.

        I'm personally rarely overweight CDE and sometimes only hold a 'bookmark' quantity...occasionally selling all.

        At some point, however, after all the acquisitions have been made, and once silver starts to 'melt up' BIG TIME...

        CDE may possibly be a monster stock...and I want to make certain I own some CHEAPER shares at that point.

        It's a reason for attempting to trade 'into' long positions.

        It's a strategy to accumulate shares as low as possible, and...for sell many shares...into spikes or high percentage bounces, and rebuy/accumulate SOME lower when/if possible.

        SirEdmund purchased well below a dollar so his shares are very green, particularly with additional trading AND additional purchases of other miners, etc.

        It's about TIMEFRAME, for me.

        CDE recently rose from $15 area to $30's...from July to about December...a DOUBLE in a few months.

        Previous to that, it nearly tripled, from 13's to 37's (39 would be a full triple). See the chart ...June, 2010 to April, 2011.

        While I agree with some criticisms of management, I find endless negativity about Coeur to be a mystery, especially, since almost all of the most prominent posters on this message board do some sort of trading of SHARES or options or both.

        I'm a LONG TERM BULL for silver, so long as the uptrend resumes and continues. I'm bullish on CDE as a potential long term winner, tho I too have had and continue to have many near term criticisms. Peace Logic Objectivity Timeframe Agape ~

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