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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Mar 11, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    thanks, CDE...

    for enabling First Majestic to create value for its shareholders...
    in a manner that some of we investors need to see, once and again...

    a mine shaft shouldn't just be a hole in the ground into which to pour money...

    even if many have ended up that way...

    borrowing with hedging clauses in addition to ridiculous interest rates is just plain
    not good for the long term shareholders in that company...

    management must attempt to do something different to produce value for
    its common shareholder base...

    thank you, also, CEO Neumayer, for enhancing the entire sector, not just
    First Majestic's have shown true leadership...


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    • Geo, certainly hope you sent this missive to Coeur's I.R.with the very slight chance of it being read and further understood. Otherwise, it's just a message board rant that has NO chance of impact.

    • geo-are you saying that orko was overpriced and ,a bad buy or borrowing to buy during sector downtrend a mistake-so is the bit more cde paid make orko a hole to pore money in- first majestic was diluting to buy this is that the preferable way to buy rather than borrowed cash and fewer shares-explain what first majestic did except walk away and recieve a break up fee -

      • 2 Replies to edmundaronson
      • edmund...

        some day...some day before the decade is gone...I expect the cycle to shift
        where precious metals do NOT act as a store of wealth...and where their
        price declines relative to other sources or stores of wealth...

        the share prices of higher grade miners with low debt and low debt service
        should not decline as severely as those with solid finances...IMO...

        CDE continues to build out its future with the straight line assumption that
        precious metal prices will continue to escalate...making reserves in the
        ground more valuable continuously...IF this expansion suddenly seems
        to be ending, CDE with its sunken capital as carried debt cannot suddenly
        sell those reserve ounces...but you and I can if we already have them
        free and clear and have the same forward perspecuity...

        NO, I do not appreciate the idea that one should buy gold and silver on
        margin, which is most similar to what I believe CDE has as an operating
        philosophy...which is a dangerous form of speculation...

        Orko's deposit should be a strongly viable development, IMO...however,
        the return on its mining will come in a few years after more money is
        spent to make it into a mine...when CDE has not yet demonstrated to
        my satisfaction that it intends to grow its share price by doing something
        that might counter the perception that many (including I) have that the
        company only exists to enlarge the wealth of those who lend it money,
        its managers and employees, and the communities in which it operates...
        all of which is GOOD...but it does NOT give the feeling that it also operates
        to the benefit of any long term, old fashioned shareholders...traders, fine...
        then the negative and positive hypes here make those who
        wish to trade and pretend that this is capitalism in the old fashioned
        sense of the word...because in my mind, it surely isn't...

        good luck,

      • He said he did a portfolio adjustment the other day in hopes that it wasn't a terrible head fake and said to due diligence and hold to it at least for that day. Sounds like he just got stopped out of CDE because it didn't go his way right away.

    • Actually, on a 3 month chart CDE is outperforming AG by 7%. Even though CDE bought the company they were after.

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