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  • red_ark_43 red_ark_43 Mar 31, 2011 9:14 PM Flag

    Jha Ha

    I hate to play Devil's advocate but I don't think Jha is anywhere near CEO material...
    More like mediocre to low calibre engineer. Yet, he has done more to turn things around
    than any previous self-absorbed, greedy, incompetent Losers at the helm.
    Unfortunately, Jha "Wed-ed" android, the Google party girl who sells herself to any
    ol sleazebag manufacturer. Now's he stuck! Churning out Droid after Droid after Droid.
    Not a recipe for success nor decent margins. Like I mentioned once upon a time...
    Eventually, price will become the "determining" Android manufacturing factor. A "factor"
    MMI is ill-prepared or capable of dealing with over the long haul.

    He "blew" tablets. Xoom... Is already on the "decline". Not Good. Way over priced,
    even now. The smart thing would have been to sell Xoom at a loss and build a
    consumer base. Nope, Jha went for mega-profits and pandering to Verizon greed.
    In this case Two time Stupid equals Stupid squared.

    In addition, most cellphone users despise Motoblur. They should have addressed that
    issue and they still haven't.

    All adds up to a company destined to fail. Besides, carriers "dictate" winners and
    losers these days. Without Verizon, MMI would have long since closed doors.

    Jha and company must grovel. I hope his salary can pay to regenerate his lips. He's
    face is buried in you know what.

    MMI - Zero future company.

    Buy all you can.


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