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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jun 29, 2011 5:51 PM Flag

    Another great reason to fire Jha

    While the market is on a tear to the upside...

    MMI has its worst three days since the split. Best short play I have had in two years! Sell short; get rich.

    MMI heading for BK...

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    • The problem is the OS . There are many companies using the same OS .

      Android is used for low end phones and thus low margin . Regardless of how many you sell, you lose money as others , like HTC produces better phones at lower price and it is a no win situations. If people can buy Ipad2 , why would they buy any thing else . Apple has the higher margin market and the rest have the low end .

      This company will go the way of Nokia . At least Nokia is exploring other avenues such as Windows Mobile and more importantly with Nokia you get life time GPS , which works as stand alone with no need for any plan and works in countriesires around the world .

      I shorted in the $25.60 area and I own a Nokia

      Price target is $19.00 and yet some people are buying it at $22.00

    • It is obvious that either Jha or MMI marketing or both do not know what the hell they are doing. I can not comprehend what they have done with the Xoom. Who in the hell with the right mind will buy a product for $799 when you can get the Galaxy for $499 or $599 that is better or at least compatible. Who wants to buy a product that in order to get an upgrade to 4G has to send it back for at least a week for the upgrade. Why announce the Bionic in January after excellent reviews in Las Vegas and then change the name and move delivery to the summer. The lost time has allowed the competition to deliver 4G phones to Verizon way ahead of MMI by several months. Jha did not take advantage of the support provided by Google with Gingerbread software. Jha had at least 3 months with the use of Gingerbread ahead of the competition. Instead Samsung Galaxy is cheaper and better than the Xoom. The statement by Jha a couple weeks ago during the Bank of America presentation was that he worries about profitability during the second half of the year. I see HP coming with a new tablet tomorrow and Cisco with another tablet at the end of July. The bad news is that the tablet market is too crowded and the Xoom at $799 has no chance to beat the competition. Jha has not done enough to bring MMI back to life and he has misuse all the resources to beat the competition. That is why the analysts are so discouraged and are now downgrading MMI. Provided Jha continues on the same path of just BS and misses this stock is not going to move up anytime soon. The best option for MMI is to sell the company before they start using the 3 Billion in cash in order to pay the bills. Samsung, HP and HTC are definitely much better positioned to compete with the Ipad and the IPhone. It looks like the market share during the second quarter is going to be below 4% according to some projections. It really stinks going in the wrong direction..
      If you want to send Jha a congratulation note of the great job he is doing to sink MMI this the link: