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  • trading_trends trading_trends Jan 16, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

    SanJay - on the way out?

    "engineering a brilliant turnaround at MMI" suggests he took a money losing business and turned it into a money maker. I have news for you, MMI is still losing money, even with this tremendous buildout of smart phones. Smart phones and tablets are flying off the shelf (for MMI's competitors) but MMI is still losing money.

    Anyone that suggests Sangay turned this company around is clueless.

    MMI was sold because of the patents, which Sangay had absolutely nothing to do with. Plus it was Icahn who was behind the sale, not Sangay. Sangay is sitting in his new office in the new compound playing with himself, all while the company loses more and more every quarter. Need I remind you again that MMI missed revenue targets buy HALF A BILLION DOLLARS!!!

    Stop fooling yourself, Sangay didn't do anything but go with google android and any moron could have made that decision. But only a moron would be mispricing their products so that they are losing market share and losing money. The guy is a fraud and a clown.

    Nuff said!