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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes May 21, 2009 9:57 PM Flag

    cramer loves emr = i don't like it anymore

    sarcasm will get you everywhere
    the answer is no i didn't like it when orders were coming in like crazy
    it was obvious there was overcapacity
    everywhere you went they were building crap that would never be filled with whatever they dreamed of filling it with
    bby across the street from cc
    low across the street from hd
    wmt from tgt
    fdx picking up next door to ups
    len building next to ctx and bzh
    and banks giving out 125% of the value of the purchased property to borrowers
    no ... i didn't think the good times would last

    truth is i never really like industrials at all for lots of reasons but mostly because of the pensions and large amounts of debt and high labor costs
    industrials are like airlines in that they don't make alot over a long period of time and i have a very long investment time horizon

    emr rok utx hon are bearable for their process and flow control businesses but not when china is boarding up businesses like they are now regardless of what the news prints

    industrials have a tough road to hoe from here
    look at utx with otis orders down like 43% or so
    the orders aren't coming in and there is alot of overhead
    fixed costs are a bear to overcome

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