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  • steveeray03 steveeray03 Dec 11, 2009 6:04 PM Flag

    Farrs salary!

    To bad we have to pay this top individual so much money. Why can't we farm his job over seas and pay him like $350,000, instead of 6.7 million! These ceo people are so out of touch. I wonder if his health care is like the factory workers, not! We're creating a whole class of struggling working poor in this country. His 1% raise this year is twice as much as what a factory worker makes the whole year. Wow! I just don't get it anymore. Don't we need a good tax base of middle class workers that can afford to buy things that keep the economy running strong!

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    • You say you just don't get it.... Well the plan is to create a working "poor" class to compete with the Chinese - that's when the jobs will come back! Middle class will be a distant dream in 10 to 15 years.

    • 10% flat tax no write-offs would be great progress for our country. Not sure what we do to support the 100,000 unemployed tax attorneys would do for a living! If we could simplify tax code and put limits on class action law suits and plaintiffs attorneys, life would become less expensive and simpler for all of us. Now that would be progress!

    • this too fun, did I hit a nerve

    • I give facts and figures and all you can do ignore them and move on to another ridiculous opinion that you go ahead and sit on your a$$ and complain about the rich instead of doing something about it...some define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results....trying to explain how capitalism works might also fit the started out at minimum wage and did something about it....I have come a long ways and at the age of 29 I plan on going even further....maybe some day you can bitch about how much I make as ceo of a company....lord knows I won't deserve it....

    • Throw up a proposal for the next proxy.

      A shareholder proposal is your recommendation or requirement that the company and/or its board of directors take action, which you intend to present at a meeting of the company's shareholders. Your proposal should state as clearly as possible the course of action that you believe the company should follow. If your proposal is placed on the company's proxy card, the company must also provide in the form of proxy means for shareholders to specify by boxes a choice between approval or disapproval, or abstention. Unless otherwise indicated, the word "proposal" as used in this section refers both to your proposal, and to your corresponding statement in support of your proposal (if any).

    • oops I forgot taxes since the middle class pays a higher percentage you wouldn't know.

      don't fill me wit a line of bull sh*t the rich does.. Maybe if they didn't write off everything. may it time for 10% flat tax with no write offs.

    • The price of gas, has went up, the price of milk, the price bread has went inflation has went up every year, CEO's salary's go up every year. Do you know what has not the average hourly wage of the middle class person..

    • you just said it yourself....not everyone can be machiniest off the I previously takes years of hands on experience...but I gurantee that if you took Farr and placed him at a machine for 4-5 years and he did that 260 days a year....he would be a pretty damn good machinist....take a machinist and place them in an upper management position at company and you are going to have major issues....I live in both worlds....I can play the numbers game all day and then go home and tear down and rebuild an internal combustion are trying to compare apples to oranges....actually sounds like you would more like a socialist society based off of ideals of Karl Marx...

    • You need to quit comparing Emerson's CEO to that other garbage...for example look at the total ceo compensation of the companies you get mentioned

      Citigroup: $38.2 million
      Qualcom: $12.8 million
      Enron (before they went under): $42.4 liqudated near $300 million in stock options as his lies came to surface
      Bank of America (I added this one) close to $100 million

      Emerson: $6.7 million

      Now compare all the income statements, cash flows, and balance sheets of those four companies (enron is gone obvisously)....and see where Farr (Emerson) pays ranks as percentage of net income...I would say that is pretty damn good ROI in my book

    • few words Qualcom, Enron, Citigroup high over paid CEO's that screwed over share holders and employees. Do I have to name more companys.

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