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  • dbtcsss dbtcsss Jun 21, 2011 8:38 PM Flag

    Losing Money Every Quarter

    Book Value for EMR common stock share holders is " NEGATIVE ". No one should feel bad, the top 200 corporations in the U.S. have very similar financials.

    Top 5 banks in America-- Broke

    150 of top 200 corporations-- Broke

    Wall Street: Rich with nothing left to DRAIN
    except commodities traded on
    world market, from gold to coffee

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    • The cost of money -- ie: interest rates will devestate any recovery momentum which had started. The politics of the rich have now ended the hope of corporate recovery and jobs in America for the near future. Thank you rich people, First, you sold off everything to the foriegners, Second, you let our U.S. govt run huge debt / borrowing up so you would not have to pay taxes, Third, you now have to raise interest rates on all to gain positive cash flow on your money thus destroying any growth/jobs

      If every man and women 75 and older were to die, America would return to greatness!!!

    • EMR Book Value Per Share (mrq): $14.15

48.05+0.41(+0.86%)Aug 28 4:01 PMEDT