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  • glsierra glsierra Jul 30, 2011 10:53 PM Flag

    Thoughts on EMR given this convergence of events?

    Timmy... some advice so you dont drive yourself crazy arguing with the "finance rockstar".

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    • timmy: go to the cash quarterlies to start. cost accounting has been the way for many years now, non gaap reporting or some means of it in every quarterly filed today, these have to be adjusted at some time and date. The only profit EMR has been able to show is from operations. By making acquistions they are kicking the can down the road while execs and BOD milk large sums of money from the company. A great example is blackbox. Fantastic company but the exec and bod have put a company not needing to carry much debt into a major debt situation because of its goodwill, by making more acquisitions it allows them more time to milk money, they have shown no cash growth for many years now, margins have been reduce tremendously, and yet only through acquitions, non gaap quarterlies and operations can they pay themselves huge sums of money.

      If these companies had to fill out a HONEST TRUE capital statement for a bank, most would be negative on the bottom right hand line. This is without paying off the common shareholders

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