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  • msjacksn7 msjacksn7 Jan 21, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    Hey Surf...

    What is your opinion on the bonds? A "Bonds for dummys" analysis if you will. 49rs look pretty tough, always did like Boldin. He broke about a dozen bones in his face and still goes over the middle, pretty tough. Never cared much for Lewis. Got to go for the Niners...

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    • I've been out for a while now. Sold and took my loss when they announced the revised Tariko deal which removed the funding to repurchase the 2013 bonds and replaced it with restructuring acceptable to Tariko.

      I believe the risk/reward on the stock now is not good - lots of potential upside but bankruptcy/significant dilution is also a possibility. The bonds are obviously a better bet but I don't know enough about bonds to comment. I believe hageneriksson's is the most knowledgeable poster in this regard.

      If and when the situation clarifies, I may get back in - sucker for punishment.