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  • nicho91 nicho91 Aug 21, 2005 3:24 PM Flag

    ethnic bank drama

    CLFC was delisted by Nasdaq at end of last wk. CLFCE is the temp. way to follow it.
    Pin, I know you stay away from them for good reason. I have had fairly good results--learning the hard way to just get out when their prices are too good to be true. Remember NARA, WIBC, etc. They bite back. I listen to H&A, who are pretty careful. I think HAFC has good mgt. now and room to grow. Guess we'll see.

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    • I'm in there -- for better or worse -- with both feet.... Pin referenced "Warren" the other day, and while I'm not even a shadow to a shadow, etc. to him, some concepts are so simple AND right (sounding) that I think one has to "run them up the flagpole" and see who can/will attempt to shoot them down (and how).

      NY (my state) *IS* like CA in at least this one regard -- we ARE the land of opportunity still. But the children of the owners of 24/7 small groceries will attend Harvard and Stanford. Their parents are the engines of growth of the US economy.... Even if a "Korean" bank makes sense for a year or 2 or 3, everybody WILL win when they're folded into the likes of BAC.

      Plus, CLFC(E) has a sharp non-Korean CFO (from the recent conf. call, he seems like #2 with a bullet).... the stock was hammered by things of (IMO) little consequence. The bank's numbers are stellar.... The Pacific Rim (plus China and India, of course) are still (and probably will grow even more so -- think Indonesia if you are visionary) a major part of OUR country's econ. future, and the likes of Citigroup knows that buy makes more sense than build in this venue -- that is, for all that you can hire lots of folks with the right "profiles," they'll lose out to "natives" more often than not.

    • Good luck Nicho,
      my expeiences have lead me to
      avoid the group. That's where I'll stay.
      Be careful,

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      • Because of inadequate reserves, and other reasons all of which are not unique, WSB dropped about 41 percent in market value, quickly, a few months past.

        Now it is (was) subject to a Government investigation about loans made in minority populated areas allegedly because of personal connections between officers of the bank and clients.

        Fact or fiction, even the perception of this type of activity can be financially fatal to investors.

        Much can be learned about Past Due and Non-Accrual assets by researching:

        Good wishes to all.


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