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  • bvogelzang2002 bvogelzang2002 Apr 19, 2006 4:28 PM Flag


    MCBC posted up what i thought were pretty respectable numbers only to get downgraded and then a haircut. the annual meeting is tomorrow and there should be an announcement re stock div. i am buying under 34 and will continue to buy even if it goes lower. this is still a good bank in a crummy economy ie michigan. congrats on BHP<XEC<BDE, all doing well. fishing today. three kings up to 18#, 2 coho in the 5# range. good eating tonight and in the smoker tomorrow. cheers. bv

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    • Thanks for your post BV. I got in yesterday and watching it drop fast this morning I began to weaken until I saw your post. I was expecting perhaps another 15% stock div. but 5% and a 3 for 2 split seems just as nice - and it really got the stock on the move. Any recommendation on
      where to go from here? Pick a target number like
      42 or follow with a trailing stop like 50 cents?

      No fish here, maybe in a few weeks as we are heading to a North Carolina beach for the second week in May. Have I mentioned I caught a 10 pound flounder last fall? What a beauty.

      SOCB and NREB haven't yet gone ex-date but they are both too pricey ...looking for a dip.
      With the major indexes breaking long term high water marks a return to the mean must not be far off.

      thanks again,

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      • i think i was as surprised as anyone that MCBC ran this hard yesterday. i was hoping for a good pop but 3.00 was beyond my expectation. my plan is to hold for at least 3-4 months after the split to see what will happen. i expect a 10-15% increase after the split. after that, who knows. i do know that i'm tired of paying short term taxes and i'm trying to wait until things go long before i trade something. i placed a limit order for the jan 07 @55 calls on NEM yesterday. also, bought the nov 30 calls on FRO, a tanker company. i believe that with all the turmoil in the world these may be companies that will profit. also, i read a report that had the 12 month target for NEM at 85. we all know what they say about opinions, everybodies got one etc. i'm curious to see if my FLSH gets called away today. those options expire today as do the EMC calls. i'll resell them next week. that's it from here. hope everyone has a good weekend. bv

    • hot off the presses. MCBC will announce a 5% stock div followed by a 3:2 stock split. ben smith was asked why the price was down and he didn't know. he said the bank is booming and should be fair valued at 42. fwiw. bv

    • Many personnel changes going on with TMCV, reposturing for growth or possibly partial retirement of the CEO ? Wild speculation. However, the new branch at Carlsbad is in operation and numbers publicly available appear satisfactory. It's not speculation that the Temecula communities are growing rapidly.

      Say, bv, I can smell your smoker. We're back in Mexico so I'm envious. However, here are other fish in the sea...I hope. Good wishes.

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