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  • deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore Mar 1, 2003 11:16 PM Flag

    Silence on Wackenhut riot.

    I really think they should model new "penal" facilities on the "Escape From New York" model - this could boost profits by 15000%.

    You just wall off a rundown section of a city, dump all your hard core prisoners in there and let em fend for themselves. Then they if they want to riot they beat each other up, while the guards just get some good entertainment (Pay per view could be a real money maker using close circuit TV cameras located inside the prison - people love that reality Tee Vee!). If they are released you call them to the main gate via loudspeaker and if they are still alive you let them out. Very cost effective!

    So really, does anyone think white Debbie on Sealab 2021 is hot? I wish she were real! Man is she hot! Just caught a re-run of the superb "Tinfins" episode - pure genius. White Debbie is the star of "Tinfins" - that bathtub scene is great!

    Its been real tough since I lost the election in 2000, so you see I have alot of time on my hands to think about stuff like this. And just to be a real American I am not charging for this valuable insight into my thought processes. Now if anyone asks why I grew a Taliban beard in early 2001, your gonna be sorry!

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