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  • geowtch geowtch Oct 25, 2005 9:14 AM Flag

    liability v


    Wilma interrupt....Sources report that Sarbanes Oxley audit uncovered more than tax playfield. Seems shareholders treated G.Z. to a nice Vegas vacation in which he laid his coifed head on a silk pillow for some $2,500 per night. In addition, his VIP friends were treated to $80K in special helo rides. Now this isnt TYCO or WorldCom but neither does GEO come close to their revenue. As an aside, the estranged friend of the VP reports "extorting" $5K from the VP subordinates to buy him a "going away" present. Of note is the fact he never went anywhere!!! Stay tuned more to follow

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    • johncsd Nov 9, 2005 7:43 PM Flag

      No some days i wish i was, But i know my personal limits and will stick to common sense and facts regarding investments.

      Also i am just not that good at advice in matters requiring deep thought

    • John - are you sure you are not an investment banker??????

      ; )

    • Your posts are full of half truths, distortions and outright lies. I am in a much better position to gauge the sucess or failure of Geo and the garbage you are generating is meaningless and irreleant. Whoever is paying you to bash Geo certainly isn't getting their money's worth. You obviously have the morals of an alley cat and the intelligence of a tree frog. Little wonder Geo fired you.

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      • i have made money with this stock and am considering investing once more.
        you seem to be familiar with the folks that run this company. It worries me that you refer to the rumors as being only "half-truths".

        i know you dont want to wash dirty linen in public, but dont we have a right to know if the top brass is boon-doggling with company money, or entertaining gal-pals? In this day and age, is this really something we should expect or accept from the top?

        I am looking for positive catalysts, something that will grab this stock and take it UP! all I hear is negatives.

        sadly, I think the new bankruptcy laws will cause some folks into disperate actions, resulting in incarceration. this, while state budgets get tighter and tighter. but i DO see relief coming from Federal sources, via homeland security. long term, a crackdown on society, countering the threat of terrorism.
        but financing this war, and paying for 2 storms will cut into THAT action any time soon. therefore, we must force ourselves to face mismanagement items, such as the ones you refer to now as being only half true!
        you cant call the leadership honest, and have tem taking women to Vegas, and financing relationships (on the side) as business expenses. so which is it? are they honest? (dont confuse hard-workers with honesty) or are they playing around with company funds?
        also, has the storm hurt the bottom-line?
        has this suit hurt long term relationship with mich? will other states fall this lead?
        lets concern ourselves with the BEEF of bottom-line...where are increased revenues coming from, short term, long term?? and plz let us know about the SD bed count, still falling???

        thank you in advance for any info you can provide us.
        at 21-23 i suppose the stock is an "accumulate"

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