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  • johncsd Nov 7, 2005 11:24 PM Flag

    liability v

    I agree.

    I am also in a supervisory postion within GEO

    I also am in a position to know what is news and what is irrelevant.

    My opinions are based on GEO practices by these very people whom have been identified in previous posts. I remain confident in thier leadership and direction in the future.

    While i wont go into specifics about my financial dealings and investments (not a stockbroker). I will simply say that the need for private correction facilities will only grow in the future.

    If there is any doubt as to the direction of this stock or the leadership of this company it has to be due to unfounded statements and half truths by people who have a intrest in creating confusion.

    I recomend that you all base your decisions on this stock on fact, proven performance not on any thing i say. You will likely have success based on facts and proven performance rather than a couple of posts from me.

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