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  • mark_n_tam mark_n_tam Dec 3, 1997 11:45 AM Flag

    With a name like Wackenhut....

    Well, if you are reading this, you're at least part way to owning what could be the "Intel" of the new millineum (sp?). There are two major concerns among us citizens today - crime and gov't spending. Here's a solution to both in one package. Think
    there's much potential for growth here?! All conservatives should buy this stock on principle! Reduce the size and scope of government and keep the criminals locked up, right? In the Knowing What You Own department, see the qualifications and histories of the Board. If you're gov't grunt sending out a RFP to build a new prison, would you not include these guys!

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    • Thanks for your clarification concerning the stock split.
      I agree with your refference to WHC as a world wide blue chip.
      This is exactly the kind of stock institutional investors will
      be looking to move into next year, as they leave many of the
      stocks that will be slowing in their earnings.Keep posting!

    • greek46, instead of taking your advice we took a vacation. Now my techs are nearly wiped out by "year-end tax write-offs" sales and WHC is happily up and up. I could have spent more at Macy's year end clearance if I just had a brain.

      Anyhow, happy New Year, and keep posting!

    • to the greek, i believe you were more or less RIGHTthe first
      time ..\ previously to the split which did take place in the
      60"s both WHC, AND CXC were shooting up like rockets.
      cxc to about $90. and whc in the 70"s or 80"s then both
      stocks started correcting to the downside quite fast with
      whc splitting somewhere about $68..
      but that is in the past, the record that both stocks have
      shown over the last 3 years is , that you can buy and hold
      and make good money based on great long term fundamentals.
      or get rich by buying when these stocks correct to the downside as a previos poster has done.

    • Whew! I'm going to have to go a little slower when I post a message next time. However in the intrest of accuracy WHC's stock got up to the mid to high 40's (not 60's), before splitting 2:1.
      My own errors do not dis-credit the stocks ability to perform
      in '98.I will try hard to proof read my posts better next time.
      Happy Investing

    • My refference to item #1, should've read as follows:
      WHC had little or no earnings, on 62 million in revenues 4 years ago.Now they are looking at a 51% (or 208 million) increase for 1997 as compared to their 1996 revenue.
      Sorry for any confusion,

    • I'll let the market speak to your last posting....the time is 11:10 A.M. PST,12/30/97 and Wackenhut is up almost 20 % in
      less than two trading sessions!This stock reached over $60.00 per share, in the past year, before a 2:1 stock split.Whc's
      earnings will continue to go UP, in a big way, and not because of the number of analysts touting the stock, but because of good old
      fashioned fundamentals.....1) check out their earnings (from little or nothing, to 62 MILLION in four years)earnings for 1997 are
      expected to rise 51%, to 208 million!...2)Net income should rise 21%, to 11.7 million...3) Wackenhut recently outbid it's largest
      competitor, Corrections Corp. of America, in a contract for a federal prison in California, and already DOMINATES the foreign market.The
      institution of privatized prisons are expected to grow an average of 25% per year over the next 5 years....3)WHC just recieved a 25-year
      contract for a 400 bed correctional facility in England...4)Business Week ran a very favorable article about Wackenhut 2 weeks ago,
      saying WHC is scoring big in the prison business both in the US and abroad. These are the facts that will make this stock shine in
      '98!....but hey! don't take my word for it, do your own due dilligence, and see for yourself.HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • WHC might come up again, but don't forget that it used to be over 40 a year and a half ago or so. There is only a brokerage house that's been recommending this dog. It's been a looser for quite a while now and no matter how high it's going to go in the next couple of years, over a 4 year period, any hightech company, leader in its field would have done better than WHC. Count your beans before investing in this one. It's a loser in my book!

    • I just read an article in BW that was rather bullish on this private prison builder. Does anyone know who Wackenhut is?

      • 3 Replies to shenster
      • WELL, IF YOU READ THE B.W article it pretty well summed
        it up WHC, IS BUILDING prisons all over the world now
        currently expecting to get a nice contract in SOUTH AFRICA
        very soon, of course as wellas the USA, cant think of a better buy right now, THE STOCK
        IS NOW ON SALE.. NO ASIAN PROBLEMS earnings are
        on the constant rise, 4 prisons alone opening this month of

      • Hi WHC followers, I'm a gold-bug and the reason I'm bullish on gold is the same reason I'm bullish on companies like WAK and CXC that being that I see a future that looks more like "Bladerunner" than the "Jetsons". All you have to do is look at the 20th
        century migration patterns in the US. "White Flight" from the city to the suburbs and now the the new migration by "those who have", call it "New Frontierism" to places like Colorardo, Wyoming and Nevada. Lets face it, rightly or wrongly there is a view that larger cities, especially the inner-city are a strain the average tax payer want to do with out. "the coast is toast".

        Further, the rapid growth of gated communities, private alarm system co.s, karate studios, right to carry a gun legislation and the fact there are now more "private police-officer" than there are on the public payroll.

        Because of economies of scale companies like WHC and CXC can pitch to every level of government and make offers they can't refuse. They just cant't justify to the tax-paying public the expence of maintaining a "public-service" when the private sector can do it cheaper.

        Because of low interest rates and the banks easy credit policies (leading to massive consumer debt) the unemployment rate is low now but it will no alway remain so. When things inevitably change, and they will, interest rates and unemployment will rise so will crime ,incarceration and the price of WHC. The bleaker the future the better for WHC.

      • Wackenhut is a leading company in the incarceration outsourcing business. They build and run prisons and provide related services (like prisoner transport, etc) for government agencies at various levels throughout the world. They are not the leader in the market (see CXC), but are definitely a player.
        I think the business has a future, not only because of high crime rates, but because of the cost-cutting pressures on govt agencies . By outsourcing these services, these agencies save money and have more to spend on other (probably wasteful) programs.

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