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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Aug 11, 1999 6:15 PM Flag

    Historical Pespective necessary

    Unbelievable, I call for some bad news and BOOM,
    there it is.
    Too bad I can`t do something like that
    and make it make the price go up. Maybe this bad news
    will do that. Good news doesn`t.
    Goodbye TAC1001,
    Good luck. I can`t say I blame you. I need to hang a
    little longer. I thought WHC and PAX were going to be my
    retirement fund. They are my two biggest holdings. This is a
    case where It would have been a good move to put all
    the apples in one basket - NOT THIS ONE THOUGH. PAX
    is going wild. New FCC ruling just made the company
    very desirable to the major networks. Speculation is
    real high for a buyout. It`s all over the financial
    networks. The stocks up big in the last 3 days. Volume is
    bizzare. I`m not known for being a hypster, but it isn`t
    too late to jump on this one. Check it out for
    yourselves. You`d have to be blind to not see news and
    stories on this one. Maybe Bud Paxon will use his
    billions he`ll make to buy out old Mr. Wacky. Then this
    company would prosper and not just the company, us
    shareholders too. BUD PAXON IS A GENIUS!

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