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  • fivekill fivekill Feb 21, 1998 2:59 PM Flag

    ******NEWS JUST OUT*****

    When cca formed its reit i wondered to why would they sell
    their prison , for what purpose , how would they benifit..
    The answer and purpose is this: whc, most likley will be running
    the reit, their ceo"s and board members will probably be on the
    new REIT board...
    Building prisons is capitol intensive,in order to win the big
    contracts you need a lot of cash so you can make local goverments offers they can"t resist, ( dont worry you ain"T got
    run it) you just give us a nice long 25 YEAR CONTRACT.
    In selling their prisons to the reit they will in turn lease the
    prisons back for a fee, and still maintain the contract to run them for lets say a 25 year contract.. also obtaining maybe
    $$$300 to 400 million in the sale, this capitol would be on hand to win
    new contracts, and bulid new prisons!!!!
    NOW how do we get shares before it goes on the open markett, they say it may be almost impossible, this offering
    i assume will be very much in demand because of the sucess
    of PZN REIT.. ONLY THE BIG FISH MAY GET IT,we may have to wait till the first day on the markett..
    whc, should be in a much improved financial condition
    analyst may now upgrade stock and hopefully we can make
    some money on whc..

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