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  • richer_or_poorer richer_or_poorer Jul 1, 1998 7:49 PM Flag

    getting old - need to see some returns

    but I've been in so long, I've forgotten how to
    get out! This industry as a whole is simply out of
    favor right now. WHC's fundamentals are too great for
    the lack of volume and price slippage we've been
    seeing for the past few months. It will rebound, but who
    knows when.

    You're right...there are many, many
    opportunities out there to make money while WHC vacilates.
    However, with my luck, it'll shoot up as soon as I sell.
    If it goes lower, I'm going to build my position. My
    broker says the pick on WHC is $36 in the next 12

    Good luck!

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    • these stocks were doing great (cca whc) until cca
      did there yhere magic with the merger and they both
      crashed look at crn and cscq there was little effect cca
      and whc are th big boys and get what the want between
      the two of them and the others get the scraps which
      is not small chang my money on the big boys the both
      have huge access to capital with there reits everybody
      in this biz is consolidating due to the lack of new
      contracts look at crn there buying companys all the time
      the big boys cca whc will have it all when times get

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