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  • manboking manboking Dec 1, 1998 4:48 PM Flag

    Staffing Services

    Daniel...The Wackenthunt Resoures that is
    involved in staffing services is part of the Wackenthunt
    Corporation (WAK and WAKB),
    parent company of the
    Wackenthunt Correction Company (WHC), the
    article is very
    confusing and inorrectly includes (WRI) The Weingarten
    Realty Investor Corp. for some unknown reason.
    this makes the article clear.

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    • Thanks ManB... Not sure what article you speak of
      but the confusion regarding WHC and WAK is
      understandable. I did find the reference to staffing services
      under the SEC filings for WHC so I assumed that they
      held the staffing assets. Any furthur elaboration
      would be appraciated. d.

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      • Daniel....the article I have reference to was
        published on November 3rd. (look under HWC news),
        conserning the adquisition of two staffing companies by WAK
        for its Wackenthunt Resoures Division. Sorry if I
        have not made this clear, but as you know the staffing
        that WHC refers to probably has to do with the
        corretional facilities and/or hospital in Broward County,
        Fla. that they atually diretly own and run. As far as
        I know WHC is not in the staffing business per se,
        other than to supply for their needs at their

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