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  • mamahindsight mamahindsight Mar 11, 1999 4:47 PM Flag

    Patience is a virtue

    No time for courage here....what we are
    confronted with is the dreaded "Mark Skousen Effect", where
    a stock languishes indefinitely or drops
    dramatically. If you don't believe me look at his other
    picks...Altif, Nissan, Midas Fund....don't know what garbage he
    is scamming off these days but I do know his stock
    picking/pumping nearly wiped out my portfolio several years ago
    (I believe he was pushing WHC then for about $20).
    Check out his record with Hulbert's - he's barely beat
    a money market.

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    • subscribe to the Skouson report. I was a sucker
      for midas as well, but did make good money on the
      Altair stock, as well as Janus Worldwide. What is his
      position on WHC now? Regardless, the brokers that follow
      the stock still rate it a buy. Isn't this enough to
      drive the price up, or do they recommend it, but don't
      buy it?

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      • According to msgs I've seen on other boards, at
        least as of a few months ago, Skousen is still pumping
        WHC hard. What a jerk.

        I finally learned to
        make $$ shorting his picks.
        Unfortunately, I lost
        a bundle on Altif (he was pumping it at $12 as a
        $30 to $50 stock while dumping as fast as his greedy
        little fingers could depress the SELL key....its
        currently at $7 and going nowhere). I also lost big time on
        Midas and Guinness, both of which plummeted over 50%.
        Made a lot of it back shorting other obvious Skousen
        hypes like Fonx (he recommended it at $7, its now at
        $1), Carmax and Nissan (covered a long time ago for
        about 30% gain on each). Shorted WHC at $29 but covered
        way too soon at $24. I've forgotten a lot of his
        other bungles. Unfortunately, as an ethical choice, I
        cancelled my subscription a long time ago so have to seek
        out my own shorts. I would certainly appreciate
        someone posting his latest moronic picks.

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