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  • StkrePETER StkrePETER Oct 4, 1999 5:00 PM Flag

    It`s sure to happen now!

    Anyone wanting to know the info on the buyback,
    just go back to POST 503. When I wrote it,it was just
    a belief, now it has become a reality. Everything
    I`ve said on this board eventually happens. Am I
    reading things correctly or is YAHOO making errors. I
    could have sworn I just read a few post where MANBO was
    freaking out, and EASILY was calming him down. I think
    I`ll contact YAHOO and tell them they have peoples
    names mixed up. I`ve heard of role reversals, but this
    is too bizzare. Welcome back EASILY, long time no
    posts. Where were you? Were you kidnapped by WHC and
    brought for a brainwashing? Be careful, you are starting
    to believe the shit they tell you. Again, everyone,
    go back to post 503 - read it and believe it.

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