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  • wineman1864 wineman1864 Oct 13, 1999 8:16 PM Flag

    just whining like the rest

    I've been reading the posts here for a while
    hoping to find some answers to what's going on with this
    stock. Unfortunately, I'm long in this with an average
    cost of 19. Everytime we hit a new low, I think about
    bringing that down some more but I'm tired of throwing
    good money after bad. The theme here seems to be get
    me to twenty and I'm outta here. I must say, I was
    hoping for a target of thirty, but I think I'm going to
    punt at 20 also..
    Hope the line isn't too long if
    and when we get there. Everything looks solid here,
    what is the problem...surely the public that's
    forgotten impeachment already can't still be dwelling on
    the N.M. thing!

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    • Out at 20? Shame on you. Buy Buy Buy
      See you at EFX

      • 1 Reply to cardassian_spy
      • You wish to see the federation waste it's
        resources....No, I am not slipping into a trader's mentality, it's
        just that I seem to have made a mistake here. I
        thought this was an excellent growth stock in a sector
        that could be getting a lot of attention. I
        reiterate..eveerything looks solid. There has been some complaint about
        management on this board, WHY? They haven't screwed up at
        all compared to some other companies in this sector.
        Maybe we should all take a look at CCA and PRZ and see
        what's up......

    • ...........wasn`t wrong after all? Just the time
      I predicted it was a bit off. Just
      time it was at forty.

      W..hat a
      H..ell of



    • Looks like WHC has a bit of rally in it today with the broad market...not sure how much but it is nice to see it rebound off its lows.

    • has just come to my attention. The wackenhut
      company store is now open online @
      One of my favorite online items is the B.O.S.S. I'm
      not going to reveal the identity of this little
      rascal here, check it out for yourselves. I was thinking
      of getting a cap to show my support for WHC at my
      next investment meeting, but now I'm torn. Seriously
      though, there are ten analysts covering this and I think
      that whc has got to be one of the leaders in this
      sector. Perhaps it's just the fact that the market is
      down over 15% w/ the exception of a few elite

      Wins contract to manage
      child molesters

      Wackenhut Corrections Corp.
      (WHC) said Monday it has received a state
      to earmark up to 152 beds at its prison in South Bay
      for convicted
      child molesters whose sentences are
      nearly up.

      The contract awarded by the Florida
      Department of Children and Families
      calls for Wackenhut
      to provide separate quarters, separate staff and
      health services for child molesters transferred to its
      South Bay
      Correctional Facility in western Palm
      Beach County.

      The company said prisoners moved
      to South Bay will be those who are
      suspected to be violent sexual predators. Under the state's
      Jimmy Ryce Act,
      the inmates will be given a trial to
      determine their condition and, if
      necessary, be referred
      for treatment at another prison in Martin

      Wackenhut Corrections, a Wackenhut Corp. subsidiary based
      in Palm Beach
      Gardens, said it expects the
      nine-month contract to generate about $3
      million in

    • Detected any grapes with your B.O.S.S.? Seriously, I suppose it is a product that could help cut down on potential law suits. I hope WHC employees are using it.

    • Looks like the mild...and I use the word mild
      loosely...rally has failed...getting closer to a new 52 week
      low...isn't WHC special.

      Trying to make some of my
      WHC money back in a beaten up UIS that I bottom
      fished today...hopefully it will not do a WHC and keep
      going down. Best of luck to all.

    • yes the rally failed, but more important the 52
      week low was tested today and looks like it held
      support (so far).

      Most stocks have been correcting
      for some time now, and the very narrow market (few
      horses) pulling on the wagon are finally getting tired
      (see financials, oil services, etc.)..., increses in
      interest rates are viewed negatively for the entire
      service industry, in WHC case this is a total price
      aberration, since WHC has no debt, plenty of cash in reserve,
      and a working arrangement with PVC.

      to be reported soon are projected up 38% for the
      quarter, and this alone should cause the stock to rise
      once again from this overly depressed valuations,
      since this is now an earnings dominated market (see
      Microsoft today), with projected earnings in 2000 of 1.28
      and selling at 10 times P/E ratio, this growth
      company has very low risk at this point.

      upside potential represented by the (high of 45.00),
      would be a very nice return on your money over the next
      few years, after the dust settles. Also the defensive
      character of the stock should bode well for the stock,
      since is counter cyclical (the worst the economy gets
      the more crime).

      I'm not selling at the
      bottom, and if I have to eat crow, then I'm ready, there
      are few things that go on straight line such as
      Taxes, the National Debt, and now once again the Balance
      of Payments, feel almost sure GreenSpam will raise
      rates at the November 11th. meeting, and put an end to
      the markets speculation (a non-event at WHC), one in
      which this company has not participated, since you can
      buy the stock now at January 1995 prices (wiped out
      almost 5 years of 40%+ earnings), totally unwarranted,
      at least in my mind.

    • I agree it is a hell-of-a-buy...but it is frustrating watching it languish in the crapper...pardon my French.

    • This is not intended to be negative about WHC
      contract announcement, but I do need my math checked. It
      looks like the contract calls for mental health
      assessment for juvenile sex offenders in a secure
      environment. These are normally expensive services, since
      assessment and treatment (which will be done elsewhere)
      requires not only security staff, but also mental health
      professionals. Yet, if my math is correct, the per diem is only
      about $73. Have I missed something, since most services
      like this cost more than $100 p/d?

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