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  • JAVELIN2625 JAVELIN2625 Dec 9, 1999 7:28 PM Flag

    New Lows...Baby

    WHC is NOT the Titanic. Just year end tax loss
    selling. Don't know how much further down WHC is going but
    enjoy the holidays and be happy that you aren't
    invested in the internet stocks! They will eventually have
    their day of realization and it won't be pretty!

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    • NEWS FLASH...NEWS FLASH...WHC is now conducting
      business on the internet...inmates are housed in
      cyberspace...inmates help businesses with their web sites and customer
      service...WHC changes its name to Prisons.Com...stock rockets
      to $1,032 a share on hopes that the steady profits
      currently generated by the company will evaporate and be
      replaced by make believe cyber profits. Sad thing is that
      these new Linux and cyber stocks are "worth" more to
      the eyes of the Wall Street big wigs than solid
      companies like WHC. Gotta love the new World Order.

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      • I agree with your sentiments. Here's another
        idea. Rather than changing the name to,
        just spin off 10% of the company's stock in WHC could easily do an ipo of 10,000,000 shares,
        or 10%, of their subsidiary. Before the
        ipo, the company transfers all of their receivable,
        expenses, taxes, and other liabilities onto the books of
        the new entity - to ensure a constant flow of losses
        (a requisite of any good dot com investment). Let's
        say they get $12 for each of the 10,000,000 shares
        and the stock trades up to $20. WHC pockets
        $120,000,000 plus they now have 1.8 billion of new assets in
        their majority owned subsidiary !

        Christmas to you too Manboking :).

        Can anyone
        recommend a good plastic surgeon ? I need some
        reconstruction in all the wrong places.

      • In 3 more trading days selling should abate, then
        we will go flat for a while till the "Inter-nene"
        stocks finish their run.
        By then value stocks once
        again will come to the forefront.
        In the meantime
        Merry Christmas to all good people on this fine
        So far no "BUY SIGNAL", and no cigar (smiles).

    • AGREED - do not worry, am taking gains out of
      vitr,rrrr,cmcr&am reinvesting in avs, lin and whc. institutions
      need to post profit and have walked away s.t. - they
      will be back in mid jan 2k, still holding
      iixl,pdyn,vitr,@vytl long
      good luck to all - i think many tech
      techs are ahead and behind me.

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