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  • wanderingtrader wanderingtrader Dec 10, 1999 10:16 AM Flag

    New Lows...Baby

    NEWS FLASH...NEWS FLASH...WHC is now conducting
    business on the internet...inmates are housed in
    cyberspace...inmates help businesses with their web sites and customer
    service...WHC changes its name to Prisons.Com...stock rockets
    to $1,032 a share on hopes that the steady profits
    currently generated by the company will evaporate and be
    replaced by make believe cyber profits. Sad thing is that
    these new Linux and cyber stocks are "worth" more to
    the eyes of the Wall Street big wigs than solid
    companies like WHC. Gotta love the new World Order.

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    • I agree with your sentiments. Here's another
      idea. Rather than changing the name to,
      just spin off 10% of the company's stock in WHC could easily do an ipo of 10,000,000 shares,
      or 10%, of their subsidiary. Before the
      ipo, the company transfers all of their receivable,
      expenses, taxes, and other liabilities onto the books of
      the new entity - to ensure a constant flow of losses
      (a requisite of any good dot com investment). Let's
      say they get $12 for each of the 10,000,000 shares
      and the stock trades up to $20. WHC pockets
      $120,000,000 plus they now have 1.8 billion of new assets in
      their majority owned subsidiary !

      Christmas to you too Manboking :).

      Can anyone
      recommend a good plastic surgeon ? I need some
      reconstruction in all the wrong places.

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      • TAC 1001,...great idea, also provide each inmate
        with a lap top computer, allow them to get paid a
        nickel a site, for surfing the net, form a Corporation
        around the inmates at each facility, linking each
        facility by Satellite, collect the funds, less medical
        expenses, and riot damages to facilities (have to have a
        negative cash flow), and float an IPO called,
        sponsored by Coke since they no longer support the World
        Wrestling Federation.

    • In 3 more trading days selling should abate, then
      we will go flat for a while till the "Inter-nene"
      stocks finish their run.
      By then value stocks once
      again will come to the forefront.
      In the meantime
      Merry Christmas to all good people on this fine
      So far no "BUY SIGNAL", and no cigar (smiles).

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      • with more possible bad financial news to come
        from PZN and higher debt levels for CRN in additon to
        some lawsuit headlines for WHC from Texas there will
        be some temporary downward pressure. However, I
        believe in the future of private prisons and I believe
        WHC is the best run in the world. Two things concern
        me with WHC. First the tighter labor market in
        addition to congess wanting to increase minimum wage will
        directly effect WHC. Second, when looking at the
        transactions of WHC building the prisons and then selling them
        at a substantial profit to its sister company CPV
        (reit). I realize this props up the financial picture for
        WHC in the short term but the question is. Now that
        CPV has used up ipo money and is now taking on debt,
        will WHC still be able to sell the prisons at a
        substantial profit to CPV? It almost seems like they are
        sacrificing the balance sheet of one company to benefit
        another. No question in my mind WHC will emerge as the
        world wide dominant leader in private corrections. Just
        a few things to consider.

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