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  • Easily_Confused Easily_Confused Dec 9, 1999 4:59 PM Flag

    New Lows...Baby

    Let me hear the celebration...WHC hosts year end
    party with it's management team as the entertainment.
    They are really not managers, they are

    Love to watch my money shrink to new low levels...hope
    evryone had some spending $$$$ set aside for the
    holidays, 'cuz this POS will be a penny stock

    Happy Holidays....I'll watch the obituaries in hopes of
    seeing the report of an atomic bomb set off in Florida.
    I hate this f@#$%ing company.

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    • WHC is NOT the Titanic. Just year end tax loss
      selling. Don't know how much further down WHC is going but
      enjoy the holidays and be happy that you aren't
      invested in the internet stocks! They will eventually have
      their day of realization and it won't be pretty!

      • 2 Replies to JAVELIN2625
      • AGREED - do not worry, am taking gains out of
        vitr,rrrr,cmcr&am reinvesting in avs, lin and whc. institutions
        need to post profit and have walked away s.t. - they
        will be back in mid jan 2k, still holding
        iixl,pdyn,vitr,@vytl long
        good luck to all - i think many tech
        techs are ahead and behind me.

      • NEWS FLASH...NEWS FLASH...WHC is now conducting
        business on the internet...inmates are housed in
        cyberspace...inmates help businesses with their web sites and customer
        service...WHC changes its name to Prisons.Com...stock rockets
        to $1,032 a share on hopes that the steady profits
        currently generated by the company will evaporate and be
        replaced by make believe cyber profits. Sad thing is that
        these new Linux and cyber stocks are "worth" more to
        the eyes of the Wall Street big wigs than solid
        companies like WHC. Gotta love the new World Order.

    • New low for sure, and I expect this week the new
      low will be around 10 1/4, and from there on we
      should go sideways for a while and sometime in the new
      milenium turn positive once again, of course this is just
      a guess, and ultimately is your money..(smiles).

    • if it sounds like vocational training.

      How about training the inmates to be computer
      programmers. They can code web pages from their cell blocks. A
      computer consulting side business would make a nice spin

    • Bid was 10+1/16 and Ask was 10+1/4. I put an
      order in at 10+1/8 for 700 shares and 1 second later
      the Ask is 10+5/8.

      Should have taken the
      10+1/4. But its an open order for the day. Maybe it will
      come back down.

      I understand why its going down
      but its way overdone. The growth in earnings for the
      ist half of next year will be lower than what has
      been in the past because of New Mexico. But still
      double digit. Second half they should have either a new
      contract on New Mexico or revised and will be back on

      There will be a conference call next week.

    • I got it at 10+1/8. My real time quotes screwed up for a few minutes. Its now under $10.

    • WHC the past week or so is like the Tom Petty
      song..."Free Falling"...didn't think it would go below the $10
      mark. Might be a good buy but right now the stock is a
      great candidate for tax loss selling.

      My basis
      isn't all that bad so I think I will step up to the
      plate again but not sure where...been also watching CRN
      for an entry point but not in a hurry to start a
      position in that one yet.

    • Call me simple minded, but at a price of 10 with
      dividends of $.91/sh this equates to a return of 9.1%. A
      great return considering this doesn't even consider the
      growth of the stock. Why wouldn't you buy this stock??

    • Am I missing something here? haven't seen a dividend on this POS since they split 2 for 1 in the summer of '96....must have fat fingered your reply key....

    • I hear that WHC is not buying back stock anymore
      because they are going to use all the free cash flow for
      expansion next year.

      Thats just great. They buyback
      stock earlier in the year when the stock is at $20 and
      now when the stock is at $10 they stop.

      stock price is so out of whack at this point it makes
      more sense to just stop bidding on any new projects.
      Just operate what they have and use all the cash to
      buyback stock.

      But I am starting to think the
      management doesn't really care about the stock price and
      have no concern for shareholder value.

      This is
      the most frustrating company I have ever invested in.

    • Would it be considered child endangerment if I
      bought 100 shares of this @ $10 for my 2 year old
      daughter? I guess it would have been safer and more
      profitable to put the $1,000 in a 4% money market....OOPS!

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