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  • buffetts_dartman buffetts_dartman Jan 1, 2000 6:55 PM Flag

    All you need to know to sell

    1. First, I don't short (ever)
    2. I am a long
    term investor
    3. I have never owned a share of WHC
    in my life (nor do I plan on it).
    4. This will
    be my last post because I am getting bored of
    getting you guys angry
    5. The following are reasons I
    would never buy the stock and think the company is a
    worthless pos.

    -The turnover of personnel is
    extremely high because they don't know how to pay or treat
    their employees
    -Top level management is incompetent
    (and I believe dishonest) (yes, i know them
    -Despite what you may think, whc does NOT do it better
    than the police, doc, etc (unfortunately, I have seen
    it first hand)
    -WHC is in an industry that will
    remain out of favor for many years to come
    -Future of
    privatization is not what you think (sorry, again, I've got the
    inside scoop on this one)
    -More bad news

    Don't bother responding to my post unless you want to
    talk to yourself bc this is not only my last post but
    I don't plan on reading this board anymore. Good
    luck to you, happy new year, and all that crap. I hope
    WHC goes to $1,000,000 and you all make millions. I
    would just recommend putting your money elsewhere.


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