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  • mcprison mcprison Jan 29, 2000 1:57 AM Flag

    Illegal contracts in NM? part 1

    Since when does an illegal contract become legal
    just the parties agreed to the terms?
    Back to
    Contracts 101 for you: last time I checked, illegal
    contracts were VOID.

    I post these stories to get
    info to people. You seem to be pretty new to this
    board. Why don't you read a few posts before opening
    your uninformed mouth? I have no idea of the contracts
    are illegal. That's not my point. More bad press,
    more insecurity.

    Game set and match to WHC? Are
    you out of your mind? Take a look at the stock price.
    Sure, the company will probably be fine in the long
    run, but by no means have they won the

    The real story here is whether they have lined up the
    fed BOP contracts to come in to the two prisons in
    NM. If WHC can get a similar price to what CCA got in
    CA, it would be in the company's best interest to
    have the NM contracts declared void and sign up with
    the feds.

    CCA got $89.50 per diem in San
    Diego from INS.

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    • yes, my point being that there won't be any
      significant advantage for the state in this instance. The
      arrangement will continue as defacto until a new contract is
      negotiated. Seems to be more of an internal problem for the
      state and county authorities, than for the company.
      Certainly didn't mean for you to take my response as a
      personal attack. New or not, I've got a right to my
      interpretation, the same as you. And I always read posting
      history as part of my research on an equity before taking
      a position. Sometimes, a person can even find
      worthwhile information. I like WHC very much at this level,
      for a number of reasons that I won't take the tine to
      share with you here. I definitely would not have
      purchased this stock early last year when it was near $30,
      but now... sure! So, sorry you don't agree. I don't
      really care, and... I'll open my mouth anytime I want!

      bye, and have a great weekend

      • 1 Reply to theblueibis
      • Instead, I took your post at face

        You stated "Game, set and match" for WHC. Do did noy
        back up your point otyher than to state that an
        illegal contract is valid if the parties agree. Since
        your premise is entirely FALSE,your interpretation
        based on that premise is false as well.

        is, there is enough people on this board slamming the
        company for one reason or another. Also, there are people
        on this board who seek TRUTHFUL information (in
        conjunction with our own DD and research) upon which to base
        professional decisions.

        I did not mean to insult you,
        but I did mean to point out that there are enough
        people on this board that post crap positive and
        negative. If you have something to share on this board,
        great. I for one could use all the help I can get. But
        if you are just going to say possible pending legal
        action from the Attorney General of a state means
        nothing, you're sadly mistaken.

        Look at Cornell in
        Penn. The AG shut down the prison before contruction
        was completed.

        Game set and match to Cornell?
        I don't think so.


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