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  • Manboking1 Manboking1 Feb 26, 2000 8:04 AM Flag

    Justice Dept Slams WHC

    Well McPrison,...thas probably good news, cuz the
    good news for the last two years all it has done is
    drive the stock lower...(smiles)..
    This is a
    defensive stock much like grocery chains, food stocks,
    utilities, etc. The worst the economy gets the more crime,
    and guess what..the bad guys have to have a place to
    go to, and guess what the local units of governement
    and the feds are not building any more cuz the cost
    of money is going north, and so is the inmate
    population, someone has to do the dirty work, of protecting
    society and guess what the unions are not
    So put that in your thinking cap old buddy.

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    • Once again, all I did was post a couple atricles
      which, although negative, may be of some use to some of
      us in deciding what to do. There was no editorial in
      my post.

      All I did was post a news story I
      found. If you don't want the info, fine. Don't read it.
      But as I have said many times, I would much rather
      have the ENTIRE picture (at least as much as I can
      get) of a company than just the "fluff" that comes out
      of Cannan's (sp) mouth.

      I've followed your
      posts. You seem to be pretty sharp. I don't recall you
      ever saying only send me the good news boys!

      the company has problems that could affect the price
      or future contracts, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. If you
      were to stumble across some info, pertainent info,
      concerning the company, I would hope you would share it with

      A\while back you were in a debate with someone on this
      board concerning CRN. I spoke up at that time to inform
      that misguided person of Cornell's true roots. I don't
      recall you attacking me then for providing info. Why
      start now?

    • I have yet to read a "fluff" posting by mcprison.
      He seems to be one of few people who post messages
      of substance on this board. No one doubts the
      growing industry strength of WHC, but the "bad news"
      postings are about particular management practices in the
      institutions, not aggregate trends in corrections. The more
      real info affecting WHC that hits this board the
      better. We're not all chasing rainbows here.

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