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  • theblueibis theblueibis May 4, 2000 9:36 PM Flag


    are not just isolated to privately run
    institutions. In fact, the latest problems in Texas highlight
    the case for why governments at federal, state and
    local levels will continue to accelerate the move to
    privatization. These things turn into political footballs,
    something the incumbents of both parties would rather
    avoid. As the industry evolves, adequate legislative
    guarantees and insurance will insulate private operators
    from suits brought by inmate populations, as well as
    the periodic political


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    • currently in the Texas private prisons are
      magnified and reported in such a seemingly biased manner as
      to cause negative public opinion.
      Reporting of
      the issues confronting state facillities is done in a
      manner which results in only "criminals will be
      criminals" mindset.
      Now when you mix in some real
      bonehead actions by the privates then you get a feeding
      frenzie by the media. Re: earlier posting about shooting
      ourselves in the foot.
      Just my opinion of course, but we
      are not going to see any political footballs until
      the economy goes south and money ,or the lack of it,
      will become the focal point.
      As far as being
      insulated from have got to be
      "Periotic political inquisitions" would be welcome compared
      to the assinine harrassment doled out by TDCJ in the
      name of "audits".
      Now Ibis, please don't take this
      personal. It is not meant to belittle your posting...I'm
      just so frustrated by the way the "system"
      By the way, TDCJ is once again filled to capacity.
      Critical need for beds for "special needs" inmates. The
      last of the billion dollar prison bond construction is
      about to come on line. There is no more budgeted money
      for construction, leasing or whatever. The next
      session is going to be raises for
      guards etc etc....not to mention public school
      You got to love it...government in action!!!!

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