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  • prisonet prisonet May 15, 2000 4:41 PM Flag

    Why history is bound............

    to repeat itself.

    One wonders why Dr.
    Zoley, with his ingenious management skills, is
    reinventing the wheel. Why were things allowed to get out of
    hand in the first place? Sound corporations would have
    had these things plugged in from the get go. Yet,
    here we have management with its "warm fuzzies" to
    allay the fears of the stakeholders. Dr. Zoley can't
    feign innocence in these happenings. Successful
    resolutions will require some heads to roll from the
    corporate level to regional regional directors. Training
    will have to be implemented on a broader scale and
    worker ants will have to be paid a decent

    That being said and those things implemented, the cost
    of privatization, done right, will cost more than
    publicly run facilities.

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    • One would have to guess that while all this is
      going on, the Middle Management may have been
      preoccupied schmoozing with other Middle Management Paper
      Shuffling Types, who seem to drift from Company to Company,
      with their 4 year degrees, and never adding value
      where they go.
      WHC needs dedicated people. People
      that care about the bottom line, instead of exploring
      the latest 'yuppie' trend that there overblown salary
      pays for. It is time for WHC to get back to basics,
      get rid of the Middle Managers asleep at the switch,
      and run this Company the way Dr. Zoley would like it
      to be run. Staff Problems at a Facility? Make the
      Middle Manager get out of bed and respond. Place crack
      supervision inside these facilities and have them make tours
      and talk to these people before there is a
      Intensive Management is needed, this is not a video store,
      where the clerk can sleep between scanning out movies
      for customers.
      I believe that Dr. Zoley will get
      it done. Good Luck all WHC longs.

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      • Always a Question,...thank you very much for your
        fine posting right to the heart of the matter, did you
        happen to notice that back in the summer of last year
        most insider sold the WHC holdings..? while the stock
        was around the 20.00 level. In my way of thinking
        those insiders that sold the stock, should be the first
        ones to walk the plank, since we stockholders have
        taken all the beating we can stand, is now their turn
        to bite the bullet and I hope is a big one.

    • Stuck on 7 15/16 this morning on nearly 100,000 shares traded, I suspect that we may challange the next resistance at 8 1/4 before the week is out.

    • Testing support at 7 3/4...on 225,000 this should predict future course of stock....If it holds we have seen the lows......

    • Technicals continue to improve, on nice volume
      mostly a 180,000 share block, by some institution...we
      finished the day up against the first resistance point the
      50 day MAV. will be tested tomorrow at close to 7
      3/4... The IQC Zone has been "green"=GO since monday,
      and the Jaws of the Bollinger Bands are now
      diverging, following the upper band at a rather steep

    • Lisa,recently WHC management changed their mind
      with regards to a newly signed deal with CPV (REIT),
      and changed the deal from 16% to 14%, this caused
      many investors to be upset with WHC management, so
      some dumped the stock based on those actions. Also
      this is a pull back to support around 8, and will once
      again become a great opportunity to purchase the stock
      on a long term basis in single digits.

    • Lisa, are correct we are still in the handle
      part of the "cup" formation, the technicals are now
      improving slowly, the old resistance of 7.875 is now the
      New support, the next resistance point (smiles).. is
      located at 8.50 stablished back on 4/13/00, and retested
      subsequently on four more times. Should we break thru would
      constitute a quintuple top break-out and would be extremely
      positive for the long term. In the meantime the stock
      should be accumulated at this level, because of the
      limited downside.

    • From 2nd Opinion Weekly (8.18.00)

      Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a Bullish
      Chart pattern indicates a Weak Upward
      Relative Strength is Bullish.
      Up/Down volume pattern
      indicates that the stock is under Accumulation.
      The 50
      day Moving Average is rising which is Bullish.
      200 day Moving Average is falling which is
      Look for Support at 8.31

      Technical Analysis:

      Alpha: -0.30, 50-Day R.S.: 1.05, OBOS: 1
      Beta: 0.44,
      STO(Slow %K) 34, B.BANDS: 32
      MACD ST BR, STO(Fast %K:
      45, RSV: 24
      MACD LT BL, Wilder's RSI: 54, POWER
      RATING: 81

    • A couple of weeks ago you could have bought the
      stock at less than 7.00, this comming week is going to
      be 8.00, and I suspect you wont see a new year low,
      no even in a market crash , because of the defensive
      nature of the stock, and the value, the worst the
      economy gets the better it should perform.

    • what is a "soucer"?

    • What's your take on the near term and long term impact of today's earnings warning?

      Are you staying long?

      Thanks ... Lisa

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