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  • mcprison mcprison Dec 13, 2000 11:47 AM Flag

    Kill the messenger?

    You posters who keep attacking me must be very
    unsure of yourselves and your investments. Do you really
    think I have anything to do with the stock price? You
    honor me, but you give me way too much credit and

    You could not be more wrong in your conclusions, but
    hey, at least you are consistant.

    Some on this
    board (and others) like to know what's going on and
    like to know what is being said. If you only want to
    know what the company wants you to know, just read
    their press releases and don't read these

    I will continue to post relevant info.

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    • Mc Prision,...please keep posting because

      every time you post "bad news" the stock
      seems to
      go up....and that is good.


      ever heard about the Boy Scout
      that wanted to
      scort the little
      old lady across the street, when

      she did not want to?.

    • McPrison:

      Have no problem with you being
      the "Messenger". Just bring the complete message, not
      just the "privatge" message while hiding the "public"

      You and your union cohorts know that if you presented
      the complete message about the private and public
      corrections sector, that one would have to do a diligent
      search to find the mistakes made by the private sector
      in overwhelming evidence you would have to present
      regarding the public sector.

      Continue to be a
      messenger by presenting the WHOLE truth about Corrections,
      not just that which pertains to the private.

      This may get you in trouble with the union, but at
      least you would be honest. Presenting half the truth is
      not honest.


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