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  • dmillwee dmillwee Dec 14, 2000 1:11 PM Flag

    Hey Dick

    Hello Mcprison:

    I am glad that you
    acknowledge that if you reported negative reports of what is
    happening in the public sector you would "flood this board"
    with reports.

    I have no problem with you
    reporting what is happening in the private sector. I worked
    in the industry for 42 years and know it well.
    However, many of the investors on this board have little
    on no experience with prisons. They are investing to
    make money.

    Some become paniced when they see
    negative reports about the company they invest in. Not
    having an awareness of what is happening in the public
    sector they have nothing to compare the negative report
    of a private prison to. Consequently, there is a
    tendency to think the private sector is "quickly going to
    hell in hand basket" and begin dumping their shares
    which drives the price down. This just makes the unions

    Mcprison, you and I both know that what is happening in the
    privatge sector is also happening in the public sector.
    Prisons are prisons regarding who is operating them. They
    all have inmates. Inmates are not boy scouts, they
    are criminals. Criminals who get locked up join gangs
    or ethic groups for protection and power. Belongings
    to these groups demands that they pay their dues to
    the group. Unfortuately, the dues they have to pay is
    to war with the other groups and staff. This creates
    negative news. In addition to that, some staff members are
    unethical and their behavior creates negative news.
    Mcprison, you and I both know that the biggest sorce of
    drugs in the public prisons comes from staff members
    smuggling it into the inmates.

    Just to be fair to
    those who follow this board, CXW board, and CRN board,
    I think that for every negative post you make
    regarding the private sector you post one of the many
    negative things that happen daily in public sector. That
    way the investors, Corporate staff, stock analyst and
    employees of both the private and public sectors who read
    these boards can have something to make comparions
    with. Sounds fair to me.

    Mcprison, you and I
    both know that what you have been reporting is quite
    common in both sectors.

    By the way, about three
    times in past posts I have asked are indicted you are a
    public prison union memeber. You have never denied it.
    Let me ask again.


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    • Thank you for this post. It was the best one I have seen. Even Mcprison will have to agree this is fair.

    • Thank so very much for your post, was very well said.

      Thanks agai,


    • To answer your question, no I am

      Happy reading

      The Associated Press State & Local

      December 14, 2000, Thursday, BC cycle

      6:29 AM Eastern Time

      SECTION: State and

      LENGTH: 688 words

      HEADLINE: Seven
      inmates escape from South Texas prison

      KENEDY, Texas

      Seven heavily armed
      inmates who raided a guard tower at a South Texas prison
      their escape were sought Thursday by search teams using
      tracking dogs to scour area

      Armed with
      a cache of weapons and ammunition stolen from the
      tower, the inmates took
      two guards hostage at the
      back gate of the Connally Unit and tied them up before

      The prison is about two miles south of
      Kenedy, about 50 miles southeast of San Antonio.

      About 200 correctional officers - some with tracking
      dogs, some on horseback -
      searched nearby fields for
      the seven inmates, including two San Antonio-area
      murderers believed to be armed with 14 .357 Magnum pistols
      with 238 rounds of

      "The search
      isn't going too well yet," Maj. William Daniels said
      early Thursday. "We're
      searching through hundreds of
      acres. The officers have been out there all night."

      He said the search was earlier assisted by
      helicopters from the Texas Department of
      Public Safety.

      Larry Todd, a spokesman for the Texas Department of
      Criminal Justice, said the inmates
      took 11 employees
      and three other inmates at the prison hostage in the
      maintenance shop.
      Two employees were hospitalized in
      Beeville late Wednesday with head injuries that
      not life-threatening.

      The inmates, who had
      worked as trusties in the shop inside the prison, made
      their getaway
      in a stolen pickup about 2 p.m
      Wednesday. The white pickup was found at a Wal-Mart
      Kenedy later in the day.

      "We think this is a
      well-planned and well-executed escape that may have been
      consideration by some of the inmates for several weeks," Todd

      The agency identified the escaped
      convicts as Joseph Garcia, Michael Rodriguez,
      Halprin, Donald Newbury, Larry Harper, George Rivas and
      Patrick Murphy Jr. Garcia, 29,
      was serving 50 years
      for murder in the San Antonio area and Rodriguez, 38,
      was serving a
      life sentence for capital murder,
      also out of Bexar County.

      The other employees
      working in the maintenance shop with the inmates suffered
      injuries and were treated and released. They were
      questioned by internal affairs officers to
      develop leads
      in the search.

      • 1 Reply to mcprison
      • The inmates, dressed in civilian clothing stolen
        from the workers, were able to surprise the
        near the back gate.

        Todd said there had been
        no reports of stolen vehicles or sightings of the

        "We're still checking for not only all of
        our vehicles at the unit, but employee vehicles,"
        said. The inmates mixed other vehicle keys in a pile to
        hamper efforts to follow them, Todd

        Connally Unit has been locked down as Karnes County
        deputies, Department of Public
        Safety troopers and
        prison system officers converged on the area.

        Todd said five tracking teams were checking the fields
        near the store. Texas Rangers were
        roadblocks in and out of Karnes City.

        All of the
        escapees were convicted of violent offenses but had clean
        enough records behind
        bars to earn trusty status in
        the maintenance shop, Todd said. Information released
        the other escapees included:

        -Rivas, 30, was
        serving 99 years for aggravated kidnapping and burglary
        out of El Paso

        -Newbury, 38, was
        serving 99 years for aggravated robbery with a deadly
        weapon out of
        Travis County.

        -Halprin, 23,
        was serving 30 years for child abuse out of Tarrant

        -Harper, 37, was serving 50 years for
        aggravated sexual assault out of El Paso County.

        -Murphy, 39, was serving 50 years for aggravated sexual
        assault with a deadly weapon and
        burglary out of
        Dallas County.

        The escape marks the
        fourth time this year inmates have risen up at the unit:

        In late April, eight prisoners assaulted three
        officers, inflicting minor injuries. Then on June
        7, an
        inmate severely beat corrections officer Irene Fonseca
        as she searched a cell.
        Though no weapon was
        used, a subsequent search turned up a homemade knife.

        Less than a week later, corrections officer Scott
        Jendrzey was stabbed six times by an
        inmate carrying a
        nine-inch metal rod that had been sharpened to a point. The
        injuries were
        considered minor, prison officials said.

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