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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Dec 14, 2000 8:56 AM Flag

    msprison and aw0099

    aw0099, mcprison has been posting good and bad
    articles for a long time. Certainly I'd rather not see the
    bad ones but I'd rather see them than not. I
    appreciate mcprison taking the effort to inform us
    regardless of his/her intention.

    We all know the
    media loves to pound on private prisons when ever it
    gets the chance. The Jane Pauley story of CCA's
    Youngtown was a real eye opener for me on of bad and
    crooked the media can be. We all know bad stuff happens
    because it's a thankless job guards perform and they are
    only human. Some we know go over-board, that's human
    nature too.
    Public or private.

    IMO, what many
    fail to understand is it's all about costs and
    providing quality service. Sure you could throw 10 times
    more money at the prison system and quality would be
    up, but the reality is schools, etc.. need money too.
    I feel the media tends to miss that point and I see
    the message "hidden" in their articles that $ should
    not be an issue.

    I've never seen mcprison
    state an opinion either way, other than to post
    articles. Please aw0099, I know it frustrating to see this
    stuff, but accept for what it is, IMO.

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