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  • deywar deywar Jun 4, 2001 9:10 PM Flag

    WHC in price dive because.....

    the Drug War will fall, like the Berlin Wall.
    Canada and Mexico have regulation in the works for marijuana, maybe more. Other countries are no longer interested in the failed prohibition of natural drugs. The first public indication of that is the loss of a seat on the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission.
    Germans will soon be able to buy their marijuana from a drive-through on the border of the Netherlands. Business will be brisk and the government will make a helluva lot more money selling pot than storing humans in a warehouse for ingesting it. End of story. Bail out now before you lose everything.

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    • You forget about the parties that have a vested interesting keeping certain drugs illegal. And I am not talking about the Mafia, I'm talking about the legal drug industry. You know that.

      Either way prisons are like toxic dumps, the value of them is in the zoning. And this country is a minimum of 15% over-capactiy as it is. CA. is way over that number.

      I own a lot CPV and they own prisons, I sleep well. The cost of a med. secure bed is up to roughly $46k. Compare to 10 years ago at $35k and that tells you the real story.

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