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  • nancydrew711 nancydrew711 Jun 21, 2011 8:28 PM Flag

    If you are considering suing Huntley Thatcher

    If you are a considering a lawsuit, arbitration or filing a FINRA complaint against Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth of Colorado Springs, contact:
    Mars Hill Global Relative Value ETF (“GRV”) is sub – managed by Mars Hill Partners. Mars Hill Partners were made up of the Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth investment team, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Mars Hill Partners team consisted of: Jason D. Huntley, Gregory L. Thatcher, David Houle, Elliott Orsillo.
    Shares of “GRV” were purchased for Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth clients during the trading day of July 9, 2010, which was the first day that “GRV” was traded. At the end of that trading day, a Friday, Huntley Thatcher Ellsworth sent out their usual Friday afternoon e-newsletter to clients. In paragraph #4 of the newsletter, it was announced that Mars Hill Relative Value ETF had begun trading. HTE clients owned shares of “GRV” on July 9th before they knew that it existed or had begun trading.
    Mars Hill Relative Value ETF (“GRV”) is managed by AdvisorShares. was the majority owner of AdvisorShares.

    Jason Huntley, through his new Colorado incorporations, COS Capital Partners & LH Capital Partners, purchased shares of stock in February and March, 2010. Huntley owned 8% of one class of stock. This was not disclosed to investors. shares, which had been trading for $10 per share earlier this year, were trading at fifteen cents per share on June 21, 2011.
    Shares of Mars Hill Relative Value ETF “GRV” were trading for $25.25 on July 9, 2010. On June 21, 2011 they were trading for $21.00, down 15.94% for the year. “GRV” was named one of the five worst ETF performers for the first quarter of 2011.