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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Feb 25, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    new musings

    hi hachio
    just some new thoughts
    with the energy markets heating up i feel this latest rise for mlps may also include new mergers and or the plain old take over game.
    just look at the sale of epb exploriation division by kmp et al.
    some of these hedge funds loaded with cash and must produce.
    right now it looks like energy along with agriculture are the 2 best investing areas for the future.
    thats where new money going.
    on the mwe board they feel mwe to big to be taken over.
    who knows however i wouldnt bet against any mlp in energy being in play.
    just my new musings
    good investing

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    • Couldn't agree one is too big to be purchased! I suspect the next several years will be wild: The USA will start exporting LNG for the first time..and EPD/NGLS/MWE will really build up in propane/ethane/butane exports. More coal fired generators will be shut down to be replaced by gas turbines. And foreign countries will be scrambling for NG supplies in USA. Think of Japan: 54 nuclear reactors are shut down because of fear. They need LNG like crazy! So, everything will be for sale...

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      • hachio
        imho if anyone of our group will be purchased i feel it will be ngls.
        no salient reason just a chrystal ball hunch.
        good investing.

      • hi hachio
        i just unloaded tnh at a large profit.
        i love the company however if it ever pulls back to a considerably lower level i would start another position.
        however i used some of the monies and added to ngls.
        im so loaded with mwe and gel that after doing more dd on ngls im very comfortable adding to that fact on a down day may add a little more.
        i have been doing a lot of work on rgp . their balance sheet,as far as i can comprehend ,isnt is as pristine as i would like however its improving and i think their management has got its act together.
        eventually ete will consilidate this along with etp.
        when who knows .however rgp assets are a nice mix and in a good area.also rgp s board is very informative. some knowledgeable posters there.
        so thats where ill be placing new monies for now.
        i agree with you bout the big 3 as of today being mwe epd and ngls.
        all have more to run over time.
        u r right.
        the next few years will be the golden age for mlp s.
        good investing

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