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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Jan 18, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    new closing high

    wonderful on its wayto 40.00 watcha thinking now hachio
    good investing

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    • Being able to share a moment of satisfaction like this with you is rather nice,Dreiser. At yesterday's close I poured a snort of port and savored the moment. I thought back when the two of us were trying to understand GEL and why no one else was really openly interested. And now GEL seems to have developed some interest and is moving higher beautifully. And let's drink a toast to the GEL mgmt team which seems to be making the right moves at the right times, You look at the timing of the oil barge aquisition and smile..then they pick up a bunch of railroad tank cars and you grin some more. But what's really cool is when they combine the two at the Natchez terminal to provide access to the gulf coast refineries for heavy crude coming down from Alberta,Canada, to Natcez,Mississippi, via rail. Even better is that the empty rail tankcars at Natchez will be filled with natural gasoline produced by firms like MWE for the backhaul to Alberta. And since natural gasoline is used in Alberta to lubricate the heavy crude oil going through pipelines GEL doesn't even have to clean out the tankcars at Natchez...just fill them and go! You have to bet that the barges going back to Natchez after unloading crude oil at the gulf coast refineries are carrying natural gasoline as a back haul cargo....GEL has put together a perpetual money machine! Let us hope the Keystone pipeline is never approved!! And then you have that GEL railroad siding out in west Texas loading crude into tankcars for the trip to California refineries where crude pricing is higher than in Texas...wonderful action! I think $40+/unit is looking good, and my wife thinks there's a new car in her Christmas 2013 future... I think she is going to score good with GEL!!
      Best Regards

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      • hachio
        like u i own mwe,ngls,also clmt (a winner which u should do some dd on,)vnr,which is well run and nti which i purchased early and is a special refiner which pays variable distribution but is looking good.
        recently i added to rnf a ag stock which produces nitrogen which i feel will do very well.
        however the star in my folio is gel and which i feel will continue to be.
        they are in the sweet spot and will outgrow my other holdings.
        im a believer now in refineries and i love their micro refineries.
        their barges r the big money winners this company right now is printing money.
        40 is a given over time depending on their stock offerings we may see 45 by years end.
        i think the investing community has finally gotten a handle on our gem.
        im more excited bout their future over the next 2 years then mwe.
        after that when all mwe projects r hitting on all cylinders mwe will ride the crest.
        as always good investing always enjoy your postings

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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