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  • ake05bono ake05bono Jun 14, 2013 6:49 AM Flag

    OK Dreiser-San, how's the BMW handling?!!!

    This is Day 2 of "BMW Happiness" as I how is it?!! Put 1,000 miles on it yet? Let me suggest a spin.along the Pacific Coast from SF to of the more beautiful drives we've experienced. Rocky Mountain National Park area is terrific, and letting the ponies run in Montana is sensational! Lots of possibilities in this great country of ours. Enjoy!!

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    • ake
      heres my report on my new bmw550i
      interior gorgeous
      radio spectacular
      seating best i ever had and ive owned benzs,porsches,u name it.
      now the best part
      steering a little soft however when i click on the sports mode or super sport then steering really tightens up.
      handling excellent for a car its size remember this aint a super sports like my 911 all wheel drive was.
      there are different settings for different driving conditions around town automatic fine then its a nice town car but luxurious.
      the fun is taking the beast up on the interstates now thats when it shines.
      i click on the super sport mode which disengages all electronic controls then its just u and your balls and 450 screaming twin turbo horses.
      the first time i floored the beast what a rush.nothing like a big 8 cylinders.
      in this mode this car spectecular.
      now remember im 73 years old and i had to decide between this or a bmw m5 the m5 a different car a true rocket however after 20 minutes i grew tired of the shifting etc.
      and around town the car is very hard driving etc.
      make no mistake the m-5 is a beauty with 550 horsepower but at this stage of my life doesnt suit my needs or for why i drive.
      i take long trips up to cape cod and back etc.
      i can be in the car for 5 to 6 hours at a stretch.
      the 550i is a beauty and does anything i may want and eats up miles on the interstates.
      its not tiring to drive and is extremly comfortable but still gives u that great sports ride without draining u.
      it burns some oil so i can read my oil setting and carry 2 cans of oil in the trunk its no big deal and a small price to pay for this beauty.
      also im getting bout 22mpg on the interstate in super sport mode.
      and did i mention your passing gear.
      forget about it.
      in fact without the governor in place this car can do 180 mph and cruises at 120 mph without breaking a sweat.
      as u can tell i love this car.
      i have had many great autos and this one right up there and certtainly a favorite.
      u cant go wrong owning it

    • ake
      finally my report on my new bmw550i

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      • I can't help adding my 2 cents. About 6 months ago I drove from Florida to L.A. California. Coming back I drove the Genesis Coupe 2012 the 2950miles by myself in 3 days That means I averaged 80miles an hour for approx 36 hours I also am older than you. Only stopped once 86mph in Texas as I was slowing down by Texas Ranger who saw me in a fire engine red coupe and the white hair flawed him Regards Marv

      • Dreiser: Am so happy for have the market for which you have such a passion provide a source of real pleasure in leisure time is wonderful...the thought of you tooling on over to Cape Cod is a good one. Your treasure gave me a moment of fun,too: On Friday I passed a state patrolman passing out a ticket to the driver of a beautiful BMW..I smiled thinking of you picking up a speeding ticket on the first day..probably "made the policeman's. Day",too!

    • hi ake
      thxs for asking
      because of the flooding here im picking up the beast on tues morning.
      as for the drives u mentioned i have been there and loved em fact i used to represent the western dude ranchers in the east for a short while.
      until i needed back surgery i would go to jackson hole every summer to ride .i spent a month in yellowstone via horseback with a private guide.
      i have travelled every inch of the tetons and nearly purchased a very small ranch there.
      if my back was better i would spend every summer in and around yellowstone.
      i love the west and u r most fortunate to live there.
      nowadays i go to cape cod every summer have a small rental right on the beach on old highway 6a.
      im about 15minutes south of provincetown in a truly lovely area and the restaurents cant be beat.
      otherwise im back in westchester county practicing law.
      however like u my true passion is the market.
      i have amassed a nice pile of cash and have my buy list ready.
      just waiting for that big kaboom day when blood runs in the street to buy.
      i would say im 15%cash.
      i know my patience will be rewarded and something crazy will happen.
      then ill add to positions and institute several new ones.
      one of my major add to position will be dpm.
      as always great to chat with u.
      keep the faith

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