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  • ake05bono ake05bono Jun 3, 2014 7:50 AM Flag

    What's next,Dreiser San?!

    Happy Summer Driving! A purring BMW at the Beach sounds like a winner...I just got back from Japan and riding the rails on the Nozomi at 180mph or so..smooth,quiet, like Your BMW! Anyway, like you I'm looking for the next midstream to keep going. I have been taking profits in both MMP and EPD as distributions from both are kind of low thanks to unit appreciation. However, I am retaining core positions in both because of solid future prospects. My three biggest positions are in order MWE,GEL,and NGLS. All three IMO have further to run in the next three years. I've started putting a few dollars into CMLP thinking that he merger that formed it might have some synergy benefits in the next two years. Another one I'm looking at is NRP, the battered owner of coal properties now moving into oil,natural gas, aggregates etc. I don't want to catch a falling knife, but Team Obama can't kill coal overnight. I agree that MMLP overpaid for the pipeline piece it bought from APL. However, my holding is in APL so I'm pleased. I bought a bunch of APL when it was in the tank and think it,too, has some room to grow before I start downsizing. I like GEL as it builds up in crude handling..the GOM pipelines it has interests in should fill up in the next four or fiver years benefitting us considerably. Were it possible I would buy MMPL for its' marine interests spinning off the combined sulfur action. The integrated crude/refined products action will be terrific as long as Team Obama blocks Keystone. Putting a few more bucks in Targa is to me a good thing,too...the expanded propane export action goes commercial in another Q and Targa is getting reading to build another two fractionation trains at 100,000 barrels/day each. What will be REAL interesting with Targa is if it follows EPD and puts $Billion into an ethane export terminal..that's a big risk/reward sort of thing! I would keep an eye on extensions of Eagle Ford action into Mexico,too! Take care.

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    • ake
      have been re reviewing dpm.
      had and sold before.
      was thinking of selling some gel and re deploying into dpm.
      dpm ,like gel,gets little notice or press and with the door slightly ajar regarding exporting of very lite crude and ngls it ,with help of its general partners might be poised for excellent growth
      do u have any thoughts.

    • hi ake
      thxs for your response
      we think alike
      in order my 3biggest holdings are
      ngls has the feel and smell of a 100.00 share position
      all 3 will be large growers for the next several years however mwe till another year will be the laggard.
      i looked at oilt and emes.
      both doing great but i was late to their party so never pulled the trigger.
      mmlp intrigues me .i like their assets however dont know their managewment team
      as for coal i agree.
      will be a hot bed issue in 2014 elections
      but no denying its a pollutant.
      but rest of world burning it and if it continues it free fal,nrp,l may invest for a trade.
      definetly buying more ete its a beast with great management but hugedebt.
      i like adding to big winners hence the additional buy more ngls and ete.
      i will look into cmlp and thxs for the heads up.
      my one other thought is that bio tech will be a huge winner going forward ive always made money with hqh a cef with great i mean great co.s in its fold and management superb
      stock recently killed cause of rights offering plus 8%yearly div.
      also i have done well with several cef s investing in europe and emerging markets.
      i bought when no one wanted.
      this year has been excellent to me and for u as well.
      oh by the way imho keystone irrevelant now.
      oil sands will ship via pipeline thru vancouver to far east.
      if i was them thats where i would go.
      just look at russia china hook up.
      as usual look forward to your missives.
      good investing
      ps imho gel is ready for another announcement as u can tell from my prior notes.

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