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  • sportime31 sportime31 Nov 1, 2001 11:30 PM Flag

    hey guru

    there was a time when you were forcasting ascl was going to $1 but i guess you've forgotten that prediction. when it gets to $5, you will be assuring us it will never get to $6.

    i have never seen one person be wrong so many times. you would think the law of averages would give you a break.

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    • I've been watching this board for years. I've seen you post on company time. But you are correct, even as a shareholder it is none of my business what you do with your time. I'm sure the "Pete's" don't mind employees posting on the ASCL or INFA boards, now do they?

    • Sorry to hear that Mark. But, by the same token, what I do during my off hours is not a concern of yours. In fact, what I do during my on-hours is no concern of yours either.

    • I stand by my comment as credible,but no I won't elaborate.

    • Self emplolyed, not a concern of yours. But as a share holder, I AM CONCERNED!!!!

    • Heh... my prior two posts were made at 7:54am and 10:32pm... both of which are outside my working hours... May want to consider how you are spending your working hours (8:41a, and 4:26pm) instead...

      But I appreciate your concern...

    • Maybe if you spent more time writing code rather than reading/posting to this board, things would be better?

    • I was fortunate to be turned on to this stock just a few weeks ago ($3.20). I share some of your sentiments. however price is base on market expectations of the company. The mangment team, despite PG, is doing what needs to be done. And, other than PG, has the vitality to carry forward. It is now much more focused. Studies show more focused firms peforrm better.

      I agree that PG is feathering his nest rather nicely and is likley is retirement mode.

      Therefore bill in the bank is what keeps them interesting and no doubt make cusotmers feel better (that where the revenue come from). IG if your sore that this $12 firm is udnerperforming - I think my 3.20 firm is ripe for steady gains. When they do announce an acq be ready to suffer mild discomfort as the stock will dip. For now, let's realize the expectation of an acq with the fat bank balnce will do more for us.

    • Guru,

      You need to think about what you are saying.

      Think about the number of IFs you throw out:

      a) IF Ascl kept the IFMX assets (and somehow got rid of any of the bad stuff)
      b) IF they did layoffs (but maintained morale and kept key employees)
      c) IF they maintained its $200 million in cash (even though revenues were declining rapidly)
      d) IF they increased sales (even though most everyone knew that the DB market was flat to begin with, and that it was dominated by 2 other companies)
      e) IF they developed new RDBMS products (even though they just layed off all those staff members)

      IF all of this happened, you argue it could have 'easily been more than $4/share'.

      What we know is that it was a $4/share when PG took over. Then, the market crumbled. Then, Sept. 11th hit, and things got even worse. You are going to honestly try and convince people that with what has happened over the last 6 months, having layed off substantial numbers of employees (ok, who are they laying off if they have to have more sales people to increase sales and more engineers to develop new DBMS products), that somehow IFMX was going to be one of the very few companies that would be able to grow their business and increase their stock value...

      IFMX was a rapidly dying company, plain and simple.

    • Exactly! And many shares outstanding/float do these $5 billion a year companies have. LESS THAN ASCL! ASCL will never earn even one cent per share, yet alone the 40-50 cents/share it needs to be a high flyer. Face it, this company is seriously at risk.

      If it kept IFMX assets, did layoffs, streamlined operations, maintained its $200 million in cash, and strived to increase sales, while developing new RDBS products, it could have easiliy been more than $4/share. Maybe even 10 with earnings of 1-2 cents a share.

      ASCL will never, ever be able to generate enough profit to service the number of shares it has. The scary thing is that PG will probably announce a reverse split to reduce the float. That would prove to be the last nail in the coffin. But given PG's good judgement, I wouldn't put it past him.

      ASCL is a dying company. If shareholders had sued to stop the sale to IBM, at least we would have been on life support. Now the situation looks terminal.

    • There are only 13 compnaies in the world with over $5B in software revenues and 3-4 of them are opsys vendors ... the 25th largest only does just over $1B

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