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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Dec 5, 2001 4:53 PM Flag

    Today's Run-up

    OK -- here's the chart. Sure, if you look at one year, PG is just where the company started.

    However, at today's price, in another 30 days, PG will have lost you half your investment over a year period. Now granted, other tech stocks having performed that well this last year. However, those stocks weren't given $1.0 billion in seed capital to build a new business. In fact, if you want to compare apples to apples, SUNW would have to have received $60 billion in seed capital to make the deal comparable. Gee, I wonder what McNealy would have down with that amount of money? Not squander it on stock buybacks and executive compensation as PG did. Further, McNealy wouldn't have taken $60 billion. He would have gotten by ASCL standards $180 billion, not the comparable pitence PG secured from IBM.

    If you are trying to suggest that PG has done a good job -- FORGET IT. In fact, if anything he has reduced the value of the company markedly since he became CEO -- no growth in sales, not new products, no vision, no talent, and no profits. Last I looked, strength in these measures are a better indicator of success than keeping the company solvent and the stock price from deteriorating to zero. A monkey in charge would have had better success than PG...

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    • Hey Tigger, at it again. Atleast your not posting on company time!!:-)Now your a wall street expert???Go write some code!!

    • "In fact, he has reduced the value of the company markedly since he became CEO"

      Ok... let's see. When PG took over on 7/13, the company had just announced it had roughly 813 million in assets, 383million in liabilities, and had 282million shares outstanding. It had a stock price of $4.4/share.

      Today, the company is at a stock price of $4.4/share. It just announced it had 1.2billion in assets, 290million in liabilities, and only 263million shares outstanding.

      Now, let's look at his performance compared to a number of other tech companies since he took over.

      Company Stock 7/12/2000 Stock Now Diff
      ASCL 4.4 4.4 0%
      HPC 13.4 9.9 -26%
      SUNW 46.9 14.6 -69%
      MSFT 79.9 68.1 -15%
      ORCL 37.9 15.4 -59%
      INFA 40.3 15.3 -62%
      ITWO 70.8 6.7 -91%
      SY 21.5 16.1 -24%
      EMC 76.3 17.7 -77%

      Geesh... darn good thing you had your money in ASCL. Seems he's done a pretty good job after all, especially when compared to the tech sector in general.

      But again, I'm sure you'll just ignore this and scream something stupid again.