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  • muaddib01721 muaddib01721 Jan 3, 2002 4:17 PM Flag

    InvestmentGuru2001 is Steaming!!!!

    Man, up another $.16, as the stock just continues to laugh in the face of his 'predictions'...

    I have no idea if this stock will stay strong or not, but it has been truly a joy to see it continue to defy the naysaying of our resident court jester IG...

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    • Hmmmmm how many months is several??

      Does anyone have any idea what is going
      by: dyenne 09/11/97 06:02 pm
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      Informix misrepresented there 1996 revenue numbers and in Q1 of this year reported a loss of $140mm followed by another $120mm loss in Q2. The Q1 loss came on the heals of then CEO Phil White saying that revenues should continue at a 30% increase 5 days before the loss was announced. Informix in late 1995 spent $400mm for a company called Illustra which developed the Illustra OODBMS. Informix announced in December 1996 that the Illustra technology had been integrated with Informix's established Online Dynamic Server RDBMS to become an ORDBMS product called Informix Universal Server. It is my opinion and many in the industry that IUS still doesn't exist as advertized by Informix. Informix has a new CEO now and is still searching for a CFO. They have also laidoff 15% of their work force, mainly in sales and marketing. Hope this helps....

    • Yahoo only retains several months of posts, IDIOT! But then again, you weren't intelligent to recognize that, so you're forgiven. It's immoral to beat up on the mentally challenged, even though you make for a great target.

    • IFMX investor, never posted before 2001...

      You are so full of shit!

    • I hope we move a few cents every day. I've been long on ASCL since it was IFMX, having bought and sold and bought and sold and bought shares originally and since 1988. IFMX paid for a new house for me. I made over 75 times my original investment, and still own shares with a cost basis of 62.5 cents.

      But ASCL is a dog. If you think for a second that we are in for a run-ip, I suggest you purchase 100-200,000 shares and retire a multimillionaire by year's end. However, I suspect you're a 100-200 share type, hoping against all odds that you'll make a couple of bucks.

      Trust me. This is a company with no earnings, no vision, no leadership, and no product. The sooner people realize that, the sooner they will clammer for PG's termination.

      We need a true leader who can move this company forward. PG is not that guy...

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      • Ho Hum...

        I've been long on ASCL since it was VMark. I have bought and sold and bought and sold shares since 1952. ASCL paid for my house, boat, plane, New York Townhouse, Paris condo, and Siberian Igloo. I have made over 350 times my original investment and still own shares with a cost basis of just 3.1415926 cents.

        ASCL is a WINNER. I just purchased 1.2million shares, but I can't retire just yet. I plan on challenging Bill Gates as the richest man alive. You, you are a petty holder, not worthy of mention. Me, I was the top stockholder, but have sold so much to fall down to just the top 10.

        Any more questions...