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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 14, 2002 12:46 PM Flag

    Fall off...

    Looks like the dump is already starting. My guess is that we'll close up about 10 cents.

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    • 1000 fold return? True, that would make you filthy rich. But how many people get that? It's called being greedy. I'll take a quick nickel over a slow dime any day of the week.

      If the last two years has taught any of us anything it's that buy and hold is for the birds. I have a laundry list of stocks that were "buy it, sock it away and hold it forever". These include LU, ATT, ENE, JDSU, the list goes on. Take your profits and get on to the next case.

      ASCL has further to run, but 1000 fold? please.

    • still bitch with an upgrade and an increse on a down day in the market.You people are not investors,you are on the board to knock the stock.I wonder how many of you really own the stock.Up 60% from the low and still bitching.You guys need to sell and go and harass another board because I am long and bought more today and I agree with analyist,its 14 bucks in 12 months and thats a triple.Please give PG a rest and also give your typing a rest and fly away.Adamo

    • Yeah rib... just beware...

      This is the same guy that predicted the stock was going to fall into that range just about every week for the past 3-6 months.

      This is the same guy that predicted that the stock was going to tank the very day after the stock buyback ended. (gone up nearly 33% since then)

      This is the same guy that claims PG is doing one of the worst CEO jobs of all time, yet never deals with the fact that the stock value is currently nearly 10% higher now than when he took over 18months ago (during a time when most CEO's would LOVE to have seen a 10% stock growth during the last 18 months).

      This is the same guy that 'predicted' that the stock rise today would "fall off" and close at just .10 gain today.

      This is the same guy that supposedly owns hundreds of thousands of shares, which he must have bought within about a one week span 10-12 years ago and held every since, who truly believes this company will be lucky to be in business by the end of the year, and that will drop into the 3s within a few weeks and 2s in a month or two, yet still holds his position.

      This is a guy who you can pretty much count on whatever he 'predicts' will be the exact opposite of what happens...

      So, I'm pretty sure that this is Acampora in disguise :-)

    • A 2-3 point drop on a 5 dollar stock in 20 days as you have predicted over and over IS worth the risk. If I could get a 40% ROI in 20 days, I could take the rest of the year off by Jan 31. Sounds like a great idea, I'm going to do it on your recommendation, thanks Guru you are the man!

    • >Looks like the dump is already starting. My guess is that we'll close up about 10 cents.

      Well, as always, your "guesses" are pretty much always wrong. Still not at $1-$2, still not seeing the large fall off after the buyback ended, and no, they closed up much higher than $.10 up... (try, $.32/share)

      Any more 'guesses' there IG??

      By the way, that CEO you've been so critical of?

      On July 12th, 2000 the stock closed at $4.44/share.

      July 13th, 2000 PG replaced Dexmier as CEO.

      Today, the stock closed around $4.86.

      In 18 months, your much hated CEO has given you a 9.5% return on your investment...

      And this during a tremendous downturn in the market and overall economy...

      Will it last?? Who knows... but your cries about PG's performance seem to be a bit skewed from reality...

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      • You have got to be kidding. PG has done absolutely nothing to increase shareholder value. Why don't you mention the period during PG's tenure when ASCL was trading $3.10 on October 10? That's off 30% from when he took over the company. You think today's price is attributed to PG doing something? The only reason it's in the 4s is because of pure unadulterated speculation. The stock should trade at its cash value, which is less than 3 -- remember it isn't making any money on its sales.

        PG is squandering cash on the stock buyback and on acquisitions, leaving an even smaller cash balance, meaning the intrinsic value may get down to $1-2/share.

        Keep diluding yourself. Let's see how many buyers there will be tomorrow. Or better yet, wait for earnings on the 28th. If things are as bad I suspect, we'll see the 3s by early February and 2s by March.

        We'll be lucky to be in business by the end of this year...

    • For a guy who owns "hundreds of thousands of shares in this co." you try really hard to keep the shares depressed. Doesn't make any sense. You should be ecstatic with how much money you have made today.

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      • That's because, as everyone here knows, IG is full of shit... he doesn't own any shares at his "62.5 cent" basis, but owns a whole bunch at about $18/share. He's lately been shorting the heck out of the shares hoping to regain all of his losses, and is absolutely pissed that the stock is going up...

      • You have it right. IG2000 is bogus.

        Let's face it. Nobody in their right mind who has a big investment in ASCL or anything else would act in a way that undermines the investment. IG2000 is either a flat-out liar or just plain nuts. Either way, he/she is a bird of the same feather as the bin Go Buddies (aka: bin lyin').

      • You just don't get it. I WANT TO MAKE MONEY! The problem is, I am totally convinced that I won't as long as PG is CEO, and as long as he is skimming millions from the company with his high executive compensation and exceedingly generous stock options.

        I'd like to see ASCL at 30, or 40, or 50. But the reality is it will never get there as long as the company has no leadership, no vision, no product, and no earnings.

        Again, show me ASCL as a profitable company, and I will shut up. Right now, all I see is a company that is pissing away its cash hoard, and still no evidence of profits on either the long-term or short-term horizons.

        If you know better, prove it...