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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 16, 2002 6:00 PM Flag

    $800 million!!! Who has so many cash???

    You must be an ASCL employee. Given the opportunity, I'd fire you, right along with PG.

    As a shareholder, I "invest" in a company to make money. ASCL hasn't made me any money, and under the current leadership it likely won't. Yet I am still of the belief that ASCL (or any successor) could be fashioned into a company that will make money. However, that would require a new CEO, a new direction, and a new vision.

    Your suggestion that ASCL has done well in light off the current tech downturn is ludicrous. The only reason ASCL has held up is because is has some cash. Once that cash is squander, what chance do you think that the stock will be trading $3-5/shr? None! More likely, it will be trading at 3-5 cents.

    I know that PG sold the family jewels for pennies on the dollar. But I suspect that there are good ideas somewhere in the belly of the company that could prove to be quite profitable. If you know of any as an employee, you are obligated to advise us. If there aren't any, then keep quiet.

    After all, business is based on selling a product that people want and by making a profit. I have seen neither from ACSL.

    So put up or shut up. What the product that is making money and how much is the profit, huh?

    Since you can't or won't answer that question, I suggest that you return to your cubby and think real hard about what your next job will be when ASCL goes under.