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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jun 17, 2002 3:35 PM Flag

    I suggest we now sue pick!

    Pick has been misleading this board for months now. He's been telling people what a great company ASCL is. I think he is an ASCL employee who has been trying to mask the company's real objectivews -- to steal the investors money. I have advised the SEC of his posts, and the information he misrepresents. If in fact he is an ASCL employee, his days as a free man are numbered.

    Send your complaint to the SEC and demand an investigation. If PG is somehow connected, as well to these postrs, it will be fun watching him squirm as he faces some serious jail time.

    Of course, PG might flee to his precious Europe to avoid prosecution. I think the INS should hold his passport for a while!

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    • Now that explains a lot. That infection in your tooth must have moved north into your brain, explaining much more clearly the lack of cogency in your posts. Any chance that your infection is antibiotic resistent?

    • I'll bet that I can raise a lot more than 5 names to state that IG has been a continually disruptive influence, likely for some advantage of his own, and has posted to the DETRIMENT of shareholders, since the stock (like everything else) is down in this market.

      ...yet still beating the others on my chart:,orcl,^ixic&a=v&p=s&t=6m&l=on&z

      It's one thing to lose money, and another to volume-post over a long period, negatively, for no purpose.

      Don't know about you, but if I wanted management changed, I'd put up my own web site and invite people to sign up.

    • This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard. IG things that, even if we were to believe he contacted the SEC (which I don't), that they would somehow take his poor attempt at libel in a serious enough fashion to investigate.

      Well, hate to tell you this IG, but if the SEC were to actually investigate the situation, it would be you that would need the lawyer. You have claimed on many occasions to own a significant portion of shares. You have continuously blasted the stock in a seemingly endless attempt to drive the stock down. And, the stock has gone down. I'm sure the SEC would be greatly interested in any short activity you may have engaged in over the last two years.

      Additionally, you have made numerous statements on this board that imply insider knowledge.

      Anyone with a law degree would tell you that you would not be contacting the SEC, because the resulting investigation would lead to an investigation into your postings as well.

      And, I highly doubt you'd welcome such an inquiry.

    • Why ask the SEC to trudge through the garbage on this board. The investigation is about YOU, and YOUR POSTS! Let them decide if further investigation is warranted. If you have nothing to fear, then why keep backpedaling on what you have said in the past? Do you have something to hide? Any special relationships with ASCL or PG or any of his cronies?

      You tell us not. And if so, you have nothing to worry. However, any suggestion of impropriety, and the SEC will come down on you like a lead baloon.

    • Since I have ZERO working relationship with ASCL, and matter of fact have NEVER marched around speaking to the "quality" of the company, and NEVER told anyone to buy it (while advising that a position in the sector is good business)...the ONLY time I put a "sentiment" on a post is when there's very significant news, and there's been none of that lately for anyone in the sector.

      This is a waste of time, and simply libellous garbage from someone who the SEC should have hung by their testicles a long time ago, except that none could be found.

      This post from IG would get HIM in trouble, matter of fact, as it states within that the company's objective is to somehow cheat the shareholders.

      Use your brains, people. Put this thief on -ignore-, and leave him there to rot further in ignominy. It's an attempt to quiet ANYONE with anything positive to say, and there are basically no rules as to what anyone can say on Yahoo, so long as there's no attempt to defraud. There are no doubt insiders posting here, of which I'm NOT one, and competitors as well, but it's the EX-insiders that cause investors grief.

      I am NOT an insider, and never was, but IG has an axe to grind, and he's left a trail of bread crumbs here a mile wide.

    • You know what, I've been wondering about Pickexpert for a while now myself. I think there's something wrong with the persona also, though of course I can't know for sure. However, he's too chearleader-like, he posts prolifically, and he doesn't seem bothered by the situations that shareholders like myself are suffering with. I've watched him for years... on and on about how ASCL is doing well "considering" and wait for the potential cash cow to blossom like a flower. He provides a distraction with his take on current affairs, and offers a lot of industry news, all of which keeps the topic off of the fact that ASCL is a money vacuum. We've watched the trend, we know the executive salaries, the sale to IBM, the expensive buyouts (bailouts), the shit marketing, it's a disaster. The whole thing is a disaster for shareholders. My money has been tied up in IFMX/ASCL now for over 6 years, and I've lost a lot. Now I'm losing even more.

      Pick, if you're not critical of the company, you're not trustworthy. I starting not to believe you're an innocent side-liner because you don't turn a critical gaze on ASCL -- and I mean REAL critical gaze, as in, this company has my money and it's not performing and hasn't performed in years, with many recent opportunities (fiscally) to turn things around, streamline, be smart with the cash.

      PG and his executive team are leeches -- a disaster waiting to happen for shareholders. I'm up for a shareholder lawsuit. I'd like to name PG, frankly. No problem here. I've lost thousands already, I have nearly nothing left to lose. I don't care if I take some of ASCL's remaining cash for pennies on the dollar in a class action.

      Peter: Your salary is underserved. SO UNDESERVED. If I ever meet you, I will tell you so immediately and in no uncertain terms. I hope it's in public, and that it's uncomfortable for you (I'll do my best).

      Pick: If you're a paid lube job for "message board spin," you'll get the same treatment.

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      • I see we've now come to the juncture where people who lived with losses for years now need someone to blame.

        "...My money has been tied up in IFMX/ASCL now for over 6 years, and I've lost a lot..."

        (Try looking in the mirror).

        "...Pick, if you're not critical of the company, you're not trustworthy..."

        What a stupid statement! I've been critical, specifically, of their NOT adjusting projections after 9/11, and they have a lot of company in that. I'm also waiting to see the payoff of the Vality purchase, but it's too soon to see how that plays out. I'm also critical of their keeping IFMX sales deadwood around, as long as they did.

        Otherwise, the sector, and tech in general, has been depressed, and shows no real sign of lifting, anytime soon.

        Did I twist your arm to stay invested? Did I EVER talk anyone out of selling, for any reason? Are you some freaking child who gets led around by the nose by an anonymous poster on a public chat board???

        And, that's the real point. SHAME ON ANYONE who invests on what's said here, in terms of buy-sell rec's! Articles are articles, and legit news from the company's web page is legit news, and it's all there for anyone to read!

        Grow up, and take responsibility for your own actions!

        "...he doesn't seem bothered by the situations that shareholders like myself are suffering with..."

        Another stupid remark! Did I put you in this stock? Am I your broker or advisor? Did I EVER, EVER, EVER tell anyone not to sell???


      • that was about as accurate an assessment of pick i have heard yet on this board. his "spin" capabilities reach far beyond the average poster.

        perhaps he is on the dole?

        how else could you support this pos? even avid mv'ers know a pos when they see one.

    • Guru you could get in serious trouble for accusing somone of fraud on Internet. You best better watch out ,you could be the one in jail.