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Ascential Software Corp. (ASCL) Message Board

  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Oct 25, 2002 1:04 PM Flag

    AND don't forget...

    ASCL had over $1.0 billion dollars in cash just over one year ago! Today they have $500 million (or so they say). So we should all be exited that they burned $500 million in 12 months, are still losing money, and still have no vision.

    If ASCL had fired every employee and parked the $1.0 billion in a CD account at 3%, they would have generated $30 million in profit.

    And you bozos are happy with losing $500 million!

    As PT Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Looks to me, most of them are cheerleaders posting on this Board.

    As an aside:

    I never worked at ASCL or IFMX. But I did make a shitload of money as an investor -- enough to buy a new house and a new car for cash, and I still hold a ton of shares which I shorted at $6. I'm still in the money, boys and girls, and most likely you're not!

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    • he has no social contact with other humans except on this board, so he must keep up a dislogue as his only way of interaction with people--a sad case, indeed, but one that will not go away!!!

    • why can't you admit you are wrong? you are just making a fool of yourself.

    • Starting a business from scratch? What bunk- they've been at this for at least 5 plus years (long before acqusition by Informix). It was just never a sustainable business model (or profitable). Guru has the point that've blown through huge sum of cash and haven't bought significant revenue, a significant improvement in dilution, or any significant return with it. Shareholders have a right to be pissed.

    • You are leaving out the money it cost for the IBM deal and the money it cost to buy the 90 million dollar company,that by the way will be accretive to earnings in the first quarter and they have technology that is very important to ASCL's future.You also realize I am sure it costs money to run a company for a year and to build a business more or less from scratch.Look at the difference in revenue from 3rd. qurter last year and 3rd.quarter this year and the fact that they were more or less just starting out.When technology turns in the second quarter next year you will forget about the 600 million because they will be cash positive and no debt,can any other technology company say that.If I am correct and I think I am ASCL will be a 12 dollar stock this time next year on revenues I believe could hit 250-300 million when companies realize their products will save them money longer term.They have plenty of cash to use to purchase beaten down tech.companies that fit their program.I do not believe this is the Informix of old which most of us suffered through for years.I have bought over 3k shares more over the past few weeks in full disclosure about my feeling for their future.I would like to see shares sown to 200 million by 2nd quarter and have them use more cash to buyback and bring down the outstanding shares.Cover your short what can you make if you are absolutely correct,maybe a buck.Adamo

    • theartistformerlyknownasaminarut theartistformerlyknownasaminarut Oct 25, 2002 1:36 PM Flag

      With that money they've made acquisitions, bought back shares and survived the longest bear market in history. And still will have $600M at the end of Q4.
      I, for one, am impressed with the execution. You are an unemployed imcompetent fool.

      • 2 Replies to theartistformerlyknownasaminarut
      • Well, not to be a naysayer, but no one's saying we "still...have $600M at the end of Q4". We've got $500 now (end of Q3), and if the past quarters are any indication, you can expect to see that run down a bit by the end of Q4. And if you were counting the $100mm from IBM to bring the (not really) $500 up to $600...they've already pushed that out (in what seems to be more than just a slight it really coming in January?)

      • "With that money they've made acquisitions, bought back shares and survived the longest bear market in history. And still will have $600M at the end of Q4.
        I, for one, am impressed with the execution. You are an unemployed imcompetent fool."

        And with all those acquisitions, buying back of shares, and ber market, THEY ARE STILLING LOSING MONEY! To the tune of $500 million is 12 months. Your mother must be quite proud of raising such an astute son.

        Keep cheering and denying the inevitable...ASCL is a dying company.


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