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  • jenuberti jenuberti Oct 30, 2002 3:38 PM Flag


    If ASCL overtakes SUNW in stock price, I guess that means PG is a better leader than McNealy. Don't you agree?

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    • What are you, a total idiot? Or only a partial one?

      SUNW's market cap at $3 a share is over $10 billion. ASCL at 3 would be worth about $650 million. ASCL has about $500 million in cash. SUNW has $6.0 billion. SUNW sells about $11 billion in product each year. ASCL sells about $100 million.

      Do you honestly think that stock prices of these two companies equate the same value? Put down that joint your smoking, stop popping those happy pills and mainlining your daily fix.

      ASCL is no SUNW -- never was, never will be.

      Now, go get a life!

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      • sunw worth only 3

      • Seems like we hit a nerve, eh IG? Those massive financial losses you have taken on SUNW really strikes a chord.

        You are absolutely correct, for once. At least on one hand. SUNW's stock price of $2.85 compared to ASCL's stock price of $2.49 do not equate to the same value. SUNW's stock represents a 90%+ loss for an investor who bought the stock 2 years ago, an 80%+ loss for those that did a year ago, and a 64+% loss for those that bought it 6 months ago.

        ASCL, on the other hand, equates to a 64%+ loss over two years, a 50% loss over the last year, and a 28% loss over the last 6 months.

        Obviously, for the INVESTOR (which, in reality, is all WE care about), ASCL has been the much better INVESTMENT.

        So, you are correct. ASCL is no SUNW. And, from the INVESTOR's perspective, we all hope they never will be.

        Let's face reality... While SUNW may be a great company, from a VALUE perspective, they are the very definition of what it mean's to be horrible!!!

        Nice to see, however, you finally admitting that ASCL has $500 million in cash.

      • Correct me if I am wrong but was not SUN's cap about 300 billion some 2 years ago.Nice move you made buying another EMC which has no chance to survive as a large cap stock.They have been drained of business,cash and you are dreaming if you think they will ever come back again.Meanwhile ASCL is a new revived company with no debt,or by the way did you leave out SUN's debt or do you want us to believe they are debt free.ASCL is only at cash value at this time,I guess there is no money for their technology.I was like you thinking all these big stocks would come back but they are dinosaurs,and will make room for the new technology companies that are coming on the radar screen now.You are the one that needs to get a life outside ASCL,I cannot understand your reasoning and believe me I have tried.I told you yesterday to buy and you are not paying attention.This is being done without company help.Adamo