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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Nov 7, 2002 6:44 PM Flag


    SUNW has had positive operating profits forever. Although they might have lost a few pennies per share, operating income is positive. ASCL has both losses and negative operating income, so how could P(I)G be doing better. In fact, ASCL has lost over half of its cash position in less than a year. SUNW still maintains 905% of its cash position when compared to a year ago.

    Bottom line: P(I)G has done a miserable job and will be terminated long before anyone calls for McNealy's head. In fact, if he's lucky, maybe P(I)G could get a job at SUNW cleaning restrooms after he bankrupts ASCL.

    I predict that event happens after the first quarter of next year.

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    • Want to place a bet on that prediction IG? Put your money where your big mouth is? I doubt it, but if so, count me in... Heck, I'll give you odds...

      Bottom line for you and I... Last year, on Nov. 7th, SUNW was at $12.59, ASCL was at $3.80. Today, exactly 1 year later, SUNW closed at $3.40, ASCL closed at $2.73.

      For your math-impaired brain, that means SUNW has lost 73% of it's shareholder value while ASCL has lost 28% of it's value.

      At the same time, the Nasdaq has gone from 1838 down to 1377, which is a 25% loss.

      Meaning, if 1 year ago you had $10,000 to invest in Scott McNealy and his 'performance' or Peter Gyenes, you would only have $2700 left with SUNW, and you'd have $7200 left with ASCL.

      Geesh, let's see, by my measurements, I still don't see how McNealy has done better by the stockholders. He's lost you $4500 more for every $10,000 you invested with him...

      From a pure stockholder performance perspective, McNealy is right there amongst the biggest losers around. Gyenes is holding right around the Nasdaq average...

      Finally, I'd LOVE to see your support for SUNW maintaining "905%" of its cash position from a year ago. A year ago, they had $2million in cash and equivalents + short term investments. Please explain how they now currently have "905%" more